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Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win fans all say the same thing about Kylie Minogue question


VIEWERS of Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win were all left saying the same thing tonight.

The fiendishly difficult ITV quiz show proved once again that it has the power to thoroughly frustrate fans watching at home.

Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win had viewers all saying the same thing
The couple stunned viewers by getting the answer correct

On tonight’s episode one couple were faced with a ridiculously hard Kylie Minogue question.

Loved-up couple Matt and Hannah were struggling to bank the cash during the early stages of their appearance.

And when they received an almost impossible to answer question about pop princess Kylie, fans were ready for them to give up.

After listening to the Aussie’s smash hit song Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, Ant and Dec then asked the couple: “How many times does Kylie Minogue sing ‘La’ before the start of her song?”

Fans were all left saying the the same thing.

One wrote: “Obviously how many Las does Kylie sing in Can’t Get You Out of My Head #LimitlessWin.”

A second said: “Classic Kylie Minogue. Not sure about this question though. #LimitlessWin.”

Another said: “I’ve also just counted up how many ‘La’s’ are in the intro to @kylieminogue’s classic song ‘cantgetyououtofmyhead and fortunately I counted it was 32 times [cry lauging emoji].”

The couple however were less fazed by the question.

Hannah quickly began singing the song outloud to count the number of Las from memory.

Matt then pressed the button to use up one of the lifelines – and received a range of numbers that the correct answer was in.

With the narrowed down range, and Hannah singing the song again they made a decision.

Opting for 32, the pair risked it all and hoped they were right.

And shockingly, they were, banking £75,000.




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