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BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt scolds Naga Munchetty after she makes mistake on air


BBC Breakfast star Naga Munchetty was left red-faced when she made an awkward blunder live on air.

Naga, 47, and co-host Charlie Stayt, 60, was joined by weather presenter Matt Taylor for his forecast update on Saturday morning.

Naga Munchetty got a telling off from co-host Charlie Stayt

Naga made an accidental slip-up as she thanked Matt Taylor for his report[/caption]

He informed viewers that the days and night will be cooler, with a risk of frost that will continue into next week.

The meteorologist said: “The temperatures in the capital City is staying in single figures throughout but by the end of the week probably lifting a little bit as we start to see the return of rain, but given the flood warnings, a bit of a respite for Naga and Charlie from the relentless rain will certainly be welcome.”

The camera then panned back to the studio, where Naga thanked the weather reporter for his update, but in the process made an embarrassing slip-up.

Naga replied: “It certainly will Max,” before she quickly realised her mistake and corrected herself saying: “Matt, thanks very much.”

Charlie piped up as he scolded his fellow co-star, he said: “It’s Max.”

Naga hit back: “It’s Matt, I just mispronounced, sorry Matt.”

Matt added: “It’s alright I’ve done it in return,” to which Naga replied: “Never.”

Naga’s mistake comes after fans called for a major presenting shake-up after spotting an annoying habit with the co-hosts.

The presenting duo delivered a daily dose of news updates on Friday morning.

They discussed a variety of topical issues including the NHS crisis, Brexit and the UK economy.

After digesting a series of heavy topics, viewers called for more “cheerful personalities” to present the show.

Some fans urged Naga and Charlie to “lighten up” and demanded a “happier” duo take over.

One wrote: “It’s time to remove Charley Stayt and Naga Munchetty from this morning programme. They are not the bright, cheerful personalities that are needed.”

Another posted: “Naga and Charlie need to lighten up, we need some happier presenters for an early morning.”

While some were unhappy with their presenting style, with one tweeting: “BBC Breakfast Do we really need two presenters on this show? Both staring at the teleprompter and alternately reading one sentence. News readers on radio manage to do all the news without any assistance whatsoever.”

This is not the first time the duo have caught the attention of fans this week.

The journalist left fans swooning earlier this week when she rocked a “striking” leather skirt.




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