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British public thinks Harry should be stripped of titles for ’embarrassing’ and ‘exploiting’ royals, Sun poll reveals


THE British public thinks Harry should be stripped of his titles for “embarrassing” and “exploiting” the Royal Family, an exclusive Sun poll reveals.

It comes in the week the Duke released his memoir Spare — bashing his brother William, sister-in-law Kate and Queen Consort Camilla — and followed it up with interviews in the UK and US.


Prince Harry should be stripped of his titles, says a new Sun readers poll[/caption]

Sun readers believe Prince Harry is using his position for financial gain
Prince Harry is becoming an embarrassment to the Royal Family, says the poll

The Sun’s poll of over 2,000 people revealed over half (53 per cent) believe the Duke of Sussex should now be downgraded to regular Harry Mountbatten-Windsor.

And two-thirds (65 per cent) think letting him hold on to his titles risks further embarrassment for the Royal Family.

They have so far maintained a dignified silence over the claims in his book, interviews and earlier Netflix documentaries.

Some 67 per cent also reckon the Prince is exploiting his titles to earn money, our poll reveals.

He is believed to have made over £80million from his Netflix four-parter, £18million with a Spotify podcast deal and a reported £32million from his four-book deal.

That takes his total estimated earnings to £130million.

The Dukedom of Sussex was awarded to Harry and Meghan ahead of their 2018 wedding day.

Harry is also entitled to use his Scottish title — the Earl of Dumbarton — and his Northern Irish name, Baron Kilkeel.

The public feel The Queen would have found Prince Harry’s actions upsetting

Royal expert and author Angela Levin said Harry’s memoir may well have sold well — “but its backfire has been just as powerful”.

She said: “His totally inappropriate book has changed most British people’s views of him. And he only has himself to blame.”

But she said removing his titles “could cause an even greater explosion from desperate Harry and could even prove his criticisms of his family are true”.

The Duke’s popularity has also taken a dive, our poll shows, with half of those surveyed thinking worse of him now.

Only 11 per cent said their opinion had improved.

Pottery firm owner Katie Robertson, 50, from Bournemouth, said she believes the late Queen would be embarrassed by Harry.

She said: “He should have seen a counsellor when he was younger — rather than a publisher now.

“I think Meghan is a huge influence — he’s almost puppet-like.

“But he’s just got himself into such a horrible situation with his father and brother. It makes me feel sad.

“The dignified silence of Charles, William and the rest of the family is the right response and the Queen would be doing the same.”


Prince Harry’s book has come under fire for discussing how many Taliban fighters he killed[/caption]

Gary Weaving, 45, who served in Afghanistan and runs charity Forgotten Veterans, reckons Harry’s comments about killing 25 Taliban during active service have angered war vets and will threaten the security of the Invictus Games.

He said: “I always had a lot of respect for Harry because he came and did the job and was one of us.

“But I went to Afghanistan to win hearts and minds and that was our approach in Afghanistan.

“So for someone of such importance to almost boast about how many kills he’s had is a real no-no in military etiquette.

“I do believe he should be stripped of his royal titles, but he should never be stripped of his medals, because he earned those and deserves them.

“No soldier should ever lose his medals.”

Mum Hayley Ambrose, 35, from Brampton, Cambs, said: “I used to love Harry and now I think he’s a bit of a plonker, to be honest.

“Releasing the book and attacking his family in interviews is just not ethical.

“I don’t believe what he’s doing is right and I think he should keep his mouth shut. I wouldn’t ever do that to my family.”

Children’s party entertainer Jamie Bannerman, 43, from Brighton, said: “His children are going to read all this when they grow up, so it’s not a great role model.

“A lot of damage is done and it will take a lot of time for Harry to make up.

“I don’t think he will be at the King’s Coronation, but I think he should be invited.

“Everyone has family rifts and ends up making up in some way, so maybe that would be a good time to do that.”


Prince Harry’s memoir Spare was released shortly after a Netflix documentary[/caption]




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