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Brits told how to save £420 on energy bills as Sunak draws up £25m 'full-scale' ad blitz

Rishi Sunak’s Government is preparing to launch a £25million public information campaign which will encourage Brits to reduce their energy bills, a report has revealed. The information blitz will likely urge Brits to turn down boilers, switch off radiators in empty rooms and take showers instead of baths.

The “full-scale” public information campaign will be led by ministers and celebrities, according to the Times.

During the campaign, the Government will broadcast adverts, post social media messages and provide online advice.

Liz Truss, who was replaced by Mr Sunak last month, previously blocked plans to launch a similar campaign as she was “ideologically opposed” to such a move.

However, some of her colleagues described a public information campaign as a “no-brainer”.

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The blitz also took inspiration from energy-saving campaigns in France and Germany.

But while Britain will focus on saving money, continental campaigns put a greater emphasis on “patriotic duty”.

The report in the Times has claimed that officials have identified eight ways for Brits to save up to £420 a year with “no loss to comfort”.

Reducing boiler temperatures could save £80, turning off the heating when going out could help Brits out by £105 and switching off radiators in empty rooms could rescue an additional £105.

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Other potential measures, such as turning down thermostats or taking shorter showers, were rejected due to concerns it could affect health and risk being seen as “nannying”.

The news comes after Jeremy Hunt encouraged Brits to change their behaviour and reduce energy use to stop the UK from becoming “blackmailed” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He also said that people can cut their energy by 15 percent, saving £500 per household.

Speaking to the Treasury Select Committee, the Chancellor said: “For most people, we need you to play your part in reducing our energy dependency on what Putin chooses to do in Ukraine.


“That isn’t just at a national level but that’s for every household.

“We think that the £500 that we’re offering to help people save next year, at current gas prices, if people do the 15 percent, they could save that £500 themselves in the amount they pay in the years that follow.

“So we’re trying to help people to help themselves.

“We’re giving them a cushion this year and next.

“But we do need people to change their behaviour.”



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