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Can I charge an electric car if I do not have a driveway?

ELECTRIC CARS are the future of our roads, however, there is still some uncertainty about their battery life and where they can be charged.

If you are worrying over not having a driveway and a place to charge your electric car, here we answer all your questions for you.


If you let your charging cable run across the pavement, try setting up cable covers to avoid causing a hazard[/caption]

Can I charge an electric car if I do not have a driveway?

At least 25% of UK households do not have off-street parking and must park their car a bit far from their home.

To charge your EV, you would have to do so at a public charging spot.

Or else, you will need to find a charger that is as close as possible to your property so that you can have the car near your house and the charging cable still reaches the charging point.

This can be a dangerous solution however because charging cables left across the pavement can cause a hazard to walkers.

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What you can do is set up a brightly coloured cable protector, similar to those found on building sites, so that it catches people’s attention when they’re walking over your wire.

This can normally be bought for around £20.

If you have on-street parking in front of your home, you can also try charging your vehicle directly from home.

We once again would recommend setting up some brightly coloured cable protectors.

Can I charge my electric car at work?

If your work provides parking lots that are also charging points for electric cars, then you can do so.

There may also be some private chargers available near your work and you can leave your EV to battery up while you cover your shift.

If you find that the EV managed to fully charge by your lunch break, then you can go unplug it during this period.

While electric vehicles are becoming even more popular, businesses are still exploring the benefits of having a charging point at the workplace.

If in a company, only one person has an EV, it’s not financially beneficial for the company to set up a charging point.

Where should I charge my electric car?

More public spaces are being set up to charge electric cars.

Try to find charging points which are close to places where you normally have to run errands or just visit, so that you can still be productive while you wait for your car to charge.

Moving forward, you should look at setting up a charging point for your own car somewhere near your house or maybe in a garage you own nearby.

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Charging stations cost more than if you’d have to charge your EV at your home.

With the cost of living crisis, you’d want to find ways to save and spending some money to set up a personal charging point might save you hundreds in the future.



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