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DEAL OF THE DAY: Get £7 off Ecover refills that shoppers praise for helping ‘save money’


Brits are looking to find ways to save costs on groceries and buying in bulk has become popular as that it saves on shopping bills in the long-run. Amazon shoppers have praised popular eco-friendly cleaning brand, Ecover, for its refill range that helps to cut down on costs.

Ecover’s refill range is the perfect solution if you’re forever running out of cleaning and laundry essentials.

Launched to help reduce plastic use, each product comes in bulk sizes of up to five litres, as opposed to the usual 750ml and one litre sizes in supermarkets, and can be refilled once it’s been used up.

Buying bigger sizes of everyday essentials like washing up liquid and hand soap is cheaper than buying regular bottles and saves on countless trips to the supermarket.

Praised by shoppers as an excellent money saving hack, Ecover refills are discounted on Amazon which means you can save with an even bigger bargain.

With over 5,000 glowing reviews, the Ecover Fabric Softener Refill in Apple Blossom & Almond is one of the most popular products and is slashed to £9.89 from £11.40.

Containing about 166 washes, it’s five litres big and is £2.11 cheaper than buying three bottles of its regular softener, as 1.5L retails for £4.

Other highlights include the Ecover Washing Up Liquid Refill in Camomile & Clementine, which is £12.35 for five litres.

Kez Stone said: “Smells lovely, cuts through grease, bubbles last a very long time, not much needed either and buying bulk saves money and waste.”

Petitelady 13 agreed: “Subtle scent, good product for sensitive skin. Excellent value for money! Would highly recommend! Buying larger size saves money!”

Another standout is the Ecover Zero Laundry Detergent, which is 1.5L with 42 washes and is £6.75 from £8.

Perfect for sensitive skin, it has no fragrance, colourings or enzymes and is loved by shoppers for its effectiveness.

Tracy Ann Martin wrote: “Cleans well, good price and better for environment!”




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