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Disturbing details emerge after psychology professor ‘cut off husband’s penis’ before ‘stabbing him to death’


A PSYCHOLOGY professor has been charged with stabbing her husband to death after he was found mutilated in their Argentina apartment.

Florencia Amada Cattaneo is accused of cutting off her husband Pedro Zarate’s penis, driving the murder weapon into his eye, and killing him.

Facebook/Florencia Amado Cattaneo

An psychology professor has been accused of killing her husband who was found dead in their shared apartment[/caption]

Facebook/Piter Zarate

Prosecutors allege that Florencia Amada Cattaneo cut off her husband Pedro Zarate’s penis and drove the murder weapon through his eye[/caption]

Facebook/Florencia Amado Cattaneo

Cattaneo had a history of psychological episodes, according to local outlets[/caption]

The suspect was taken in at her mother’s house after the victim was discovered by Cattaneo’s sister.

Zarate had not been responding to the sister’s calls, Rio Negro reports.

The whistleblower raced to their shared apartment after Cattaneo showed up at their mother’s home on Sunday covered in blood, the sister claimed.

The body wasn’t discovered until Tuesday.

According to Zarate’s Facebook page, he worked as an actor and played in a local reggae band, The Daily Beast reports.

The victim was working at the Estación Provincial Cultural Center, in La Plata, when he died.

Meanwhile, Cattaneo worked at the General Directorate of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires when the incident occurred, local outlets reported.

Prosecutors announced that Cattaneo has been committed to a psychiatric hospital while they continue to investigate the alleged crime.

According to local reports, she had a history of psychological episodes.

She and her husband shared one five-year-old son.




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