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Double murder probe opened into disappearance of British father and son in Spain


Danny and Liam Poole, 46 and 22 at the time of their disappearance, flew to Malaga, Spain, in April 2019 never to return or be found. The father and son had checked into Esteopona’s Valle Romano hotel upon arrival and met two British criminals for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

They hired a car which was later found two miles from their hotel a month after their disappearance.

British police have now opened a double murder investigation, three years after the pair was first reported missing by Lisa Berwick, Liam’s mother.

Liam’s sister Lauryn Poole, 23, told The Mirror: “There are more bad days than good days now. On the bad days, I’d been holding on to the idea that maybe everyone had got it wrong.

“There was hope there but now it’s gone. It’s brought on a whole new level of grief, and I’ve really struggled to accept it.”

Liam’s mum Lisa, 46, added: “I knew it from the start, but it still hurts to hear it.”

The family of the two missing men fear they have been caught up in a drug deal.

Kathy Catney, 63, from Horsham, Sussex, the grandmother of Liam Poole, told a BBC investigative team in 2019 that her former son-in-law Daniel may have been travelling to Spain to carry out a drugs deal which went wrong.

“I do think Liam’s died. I think he’s been killed .. where ? I hope he’s not at the bottom of the sea .. I hope. People say he is but I want the chance for people to give him back to me.”

She added: “I think (Liam’s) dad got into some bother and whoever he got into bother with decided to do payback and Liam got caught in the crossfire.

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The father and son were last seen driving in a Peugeot 308 hire car near the Valle Romano hotel in Estepona on April 1st. Their passports and baggage were later found in the hotel room.

The family claimed at the time that the day after they vanished they received a demand for £100,000.

A message sent to Liam’s brother read: “If you want to see your dad and brother alive again, come to Tangier with £100K. You have 24 hours.”

Ms Catney told BBC: “All I was told was Morocco. We got a phone message to say that there is a ransom come through for £100,000 and within this three hours we’d raised that £100,000 but nothing materialised.”




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