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Ex-FBI official identifies 'most important' piece of evidence in Idaho murders case


An ex-FBI official has detailed the “most critical” piece of evidence in the case against murder suspect Bryan Kohberger. He has been charged with the grisly murder of four University of Idaho students last year. Kohberger, 28, according to mobile phone records, visited the area at least 12 times in the run-up to the grisly murder, according to the affidavit.

Although this puts him in the vicinity of the home, the phone records are largely “supportive evidence” and don’t show that Kohberger ever entered the residence, according to an expert.

However, police confirmed that investigators found DNA on a knife sheath left at the crime scene which matched Kohberger’s.

“It’s by far the most important piece of evidence in this case,” former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told CNN.

He added: “All the phone records in the area, showing him moving back and forth, likely between his residence and the homicide scene, on the night of the murders, none of that actually puts him in the house.

“The DNA puts him not just in the house but literally in the bed where two victims were found. So it’s absolutely the most critical piece of evidence.”

It is unclear whether Kohberger wore gloves while he allegedly committed the crime. If the suspect did not wear gloves, it’s likely investigators would find similar DNA in other areas of the home.

McCabe added: “It’s possible that the DNA got placed on the button of the knife sheath before the homicide.”

Police collected “familial DNA” from a rubbish bin at the home of Kohberger’s parents, giving investigators “a pretty good idea” that the sample taken from the knife sheath belongs to the suspect, according to McCabe.

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Kohbeger was a PhD candidate in criminology at Washington State University in Pullman, just a short drive across the border from Moscow.

He has also been charged with one count of felony burglary and is being held without bail at Latah County Jail in Moscow.

Kohberger appeared before the court on January 12 where he waived his right to a speedy trial. His probable cause hearing is scheduled for June 26 at 9am.

At that hearing, the prosecution will need to present their evidence to move the case on to a trial. It is likely that more evidence against Kohberger will be revealed at this point.




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