From Davina McCall to Adele – The super fit stars who are getting BETTER with age

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From Davina McCall to Adele – The super fit stars who are getting BETTER with age

THEY say some people age like fine wine – and these are the celebrities who are only getting better with each year. Back in 2020, the worl

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THEY say some people age like fine wine – and these are the celebrities who are only getting better with each year.

Back in 2020, the world-famous songwriter and singer, Adele, took the internet by storm after paparazzi had spotted her looking like a different person – and she is not the only to have surprised us with the ultimate glow-up.

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The photo which broke the internet in 2020[/caption]

From Davina McCall to Adele, here are some of our favourite stars who’ve proved that age is nothing but a number.


Dubbed the ”glow-up of the decade”, Adele surprised us all on her 32nd birthday with an impressive weight-loss journey, which she shared on Instagram.

After going through a divorce in late 2019, the mum-of-one claimed she wanted to become healthier for her son.


‘“She got to the point where she didn’t feel great.

”She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mom possible,” a source told PEOPLE.

”Her weight loss happened because she has cut down drinking and is eating more real food. 

”She is more confident, dresses differently and she just seems happier overall.”

When it comes to the fitness regime, Adele revealed during an interview with British Vogue that that during quarantine, she worked out three times a day.

“So I do my weights in the morning, then I normally hike or I box in the afternoon, and then I go and do my cardio at night,” she explained.

To get the most out of her sweaty sessions, the star works with personal trainers like Greg Miele at Heart & Hustle gym in Los Angeles, California.


Singer Adele attends the 15th Annual OUT 100 Awards at Gotham Hall on November 14, 2008 in New York City[/caption]

Davina McCall

Another celebrity on this list is the Masked Singer star, the 54-year-old Davina McCall.

Recently posing for cover of Women’s Health, the TV host showed off off her abs in a blue crop top, claiming life in her fifties is a “time of liberation”.


Davina McCall looking more toned than ever[/caption]

Having previously struggled with her fluctuating weight, McCall is also known to us as the original fitness influencer, with 14 exercise DVDs released.

In an interview with Women’s Health, the mum-of-three shared her typical morning routine – although each day is different, there are things she never skips.

From walk-runs with the family dog, over a dozen different kinds of fibre, and a vigorous fitness routine, McCall has found the energy and discipline to keep the figure in shape.


Davina during her pregnancy[/caption]

Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have all had some incredible transformations over the years, but the one by Khloe Kardashian, 37, is amongst the biggest success stories.

After struggling with her self-image and being trolled over her weight for years, the mum-of-one embarked on a fitness journey a while back.

Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian poses in bikini after writing about ‘healing’ in cryptic post after Tristan Thompson[/caption]

The results were so fascinating and inspiring that the sister also started a makeover show which helps fans to transform their lives and gain confidence.

In order to maintain the physique and help her mental health after finding out her ex, Tristan Thompson, had a child with another woman during their relationship, the entrepreneur and TV star revealed that she wakes up at 4.30am every morning before jumping into her strict workout regime.

“If I didn’t have a schedule, I’d feel really lost.

”I’m a little insane like that, but it makes me feel less stressed when I can see everything,” she told Cosmopolitan.

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Khloe before her incredible transformation[/caption]

Rebel Wilson

Amongst those who’ve aged like fine wine is the Australian comedian and actress, Rebel Wilson.

The 41-year-old Pitch Perfect star has completely transformed her body and health over the last few years, claiming that 2020 was the ”year of health”.

After shedding over 40lbs in the course of a couple of months, Rebel shared the incredible transformation on social media, where fans branded her “inspirational” and “amazing”.


Rebel Wilson is unrecognisable after 5.5st weight loss as she rings in the New Year in Australia[/caption]

Speaking to the Mirror, she claimed: “I literally feel as if I have to physically transform because it’s very difficult for people to imagine [me in serious roles] for some reason – even though we’re in a very imaginative industry.

“I feel that I physically have to show you that I am different and I am transformed in order to help transform my career.”


Rebel at the Wharf Theatre on September 24, 2002 in Sydney, Australia[/caption]

Kelly Osbourne 

Struggling with weight for years, Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, surprised her followers with a brand new look.

After dropping a staggering 85 pounds in 2020, the 37-year-old appeared on the  “Hollywood Raw” podcast where she opened up about her weight loss journey.


Kelly Osbourne attends the 28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on February 09, 2020 in West Hollywood, California[/caption]

“I did the gastric sleeve.

All it does is change the shape of your stomach,” she revealed to the hosts.

“I got that almost two years ago.

”I will never ever ever lie about it ever.

”It is the best thing I have ever done.”

Prior to the procedure, Kelly also stopped consuming alcohol, went to therapy and started meditating to help her get to a better mind set.

Following the success, the star also shared a photo of a size ‘small’ tag from a new item of clothing, captioning it: “Yes…I’m bragging because I worked hard and it feels good!”

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Kelly in 2017[/caption]

Oprah Winfrey

Those who have followed Oprah Winfrey,67, since the start of her fame will know that the world-famous TV host and philanthropist has had her weight go up and down over the years.

After weighing 200 pounds and being told by the doctors she was at risk of developing diabetes, Oprah realised it’s time for her to seriously start looking after her health.

With the help of the TV programme, Weight Watchers, she was able to achieve a drastic weight loss of 42 pounds.


Jay-Z and Oprah Winfrey attend the HBO Documentary Film “Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream” New York Premiere on February 12, 2013[/caption]

She then wrote a letter to the members of the TV show, revealing that her blood pressure ‘was now stabilized and in a healthy range’ and that her sugar levels are also ‘back to normal too.’

One main thing she advised everyone was to keep everything in balance.

”What I’ve learned this year is that my weight issue isn’t about eating less or working out harder, or even about a malfunctioning thyroid,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet in 2018.

”It’s about my life being out of balance, with too much work and not enough play, not enough time to calm down.

”I let the well run dry.”


The TV host in 2019[/caption]

Jennifer Hudson

Although she didn’t win the American Idol in 2002, Jennifer Hudson quickly rose to fame with her amazing vocal skills.

But just as astonishing as her singing is her weight loss journey, which began in 2010 after the birth of her son in 2009.

Within a year, the 40-year-old managed to drop about 80 pounds and went down from a size 16 to size 6.

In an interview, she confessed that the inspiration behind the new lifestyle was her son.

”I’m a mother and I have a life that’s in my care and someone that looks up to me.

”That helps me see in a whole other light in a different way.


Singer Jennifer Hudson,22, attends the 2009 Whitney Museum Gala[/caption]

”It’s a whole new world.”

Just like Oprah Winfrey, the singer revealed it was all due to taking part in Weight Watchers, prior to which she was said to have unhealthy and harmful dietary patterns.

Instead of attributing the weight loss to a strict exercise regime, she said it was all down to her diet.

”I don’t have time to do much exercise, I just watch what I eat.

”I’m very careful and conscious of what I eat. I’ll be put and think, “no it’s too early to eat right now”.

”I’m very conscious of what I put in my body.”

Getty – Contributor

The singer in 2019[/caption]

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