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Furious The Apprentice fans slam Lord Sugar for ‘firing the wrong person’


FURIOUS fans have hit out at Lord Alan Sugar after the latest candidate was fired from the process.

This week The Apprentice wannabes were tasked with producing and selling bao buns.


The boys lost the bao bun challenge[/caption]


And it was Kevin who Lord Sugar decided to fire[/caption]

After the usual boardroom showdown, the girls group emerged victorious.

But it wasn’t good news for accountant Kevin D’Arcy, who became the second person to be fired from the series.

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the outcome on Twitter, complaining that Kevin was set up after being made to work on the finances for their bao bun production – even though he didn’t want to.

One person wrote: “In a way, i feel sorry for kevin because he didn’t even want to do it and he made it clear from the jump.”

Another said: “I feel like Kevin was set up!!”

Someone else commented: “Lord Sugar mate that was the wrong decision.”

And a fourth added: “Poor Kevin he didn’t want to do it in the first place & now he’s gone home.”

Kevin wasn’t the only person to leave the show tonight.

Bridal boutique owner Shannon Martin shocked candidates and viewers when she quit before the girls were announced as this week’s winners.

Opening up about her exit, she said: “I think that going into the process, I was already having some doubts of whether I should go in or not.

“But when you’re given such an amazing opportunity, you’re not ever going to turn that down, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime that I’m forever grateful for.”




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