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'Game changer!' Use 'amazing' and cheap hack to prevent mould growing around windows

Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram. She shot to fame thanks to her handy cleaning hacks. Now, fans have created Facebook pages in her honour – spaces to share pieces of advice with one another.

On one Mrs Hinch Facebook page, with over 10,000 members, one cleaning enthusiast wanted to know how to prevent and get rid of mould.

Megan Caldwell wrote: “For the last few months we have been struggling with condensation and now recently mould. We live in a newly (two years old) fully renovated house. The condensation is now thick and wet up the entire window mould around windows.

“A few months ago we found mould on the base of our bed, also next to window. We have tried everything we can think of, dehumidifiers, windows open a crack, white vinegar wiped over them when cleaned, cleaning the condensation off every morning, there are no vents at the top of windows and we have shutters.

“Do we call in window fitters to check the seals? Where do we go, we are at our wits end. Worth noting, only this one room it’s happening too.”

Bev Mardy advised investing in an electric dehumidifier. They said: “When you say you’ve tried dehumidifiers do you mean the gel ones. Our old house was an absolute nightmare with it. Like you I tried all the tips and tricks. The only thing that worked was an electric dehumidifier.

“It was an expensive layout to begin with, but very much worth every penny. At first I was emptying it three to four times a day, which shows how much condensation was in the house. This went on for 12 weeks then it switched on and off when needed. It was honestly a lifesaver to me as I was at my wit’s end. Hope you get it sorted .”

Becky Mossop wrote: “I was told by a window fitter you only need to open vents or windows for 30 minutes to change the air flow in the rooms any longer than that the air gets changed in the winter the hot air from the house mixes too much with cold air outside and causes condensation.”

Some Mrs Hinch fans recommended buying dehumidifying crystals. Rebecca Curtis wrote: “Put one of these on your window sill, you can get them from pound shops usually.” Donna Bristow agreed, saying: “These have been a game changer in my home.”

Lesley Watkins commented: “I don’t dry washing indoors. I open windows. I open kitchen windows and shut doors when I cook, but as soon as I turn my heating on (which is only for an hour) we wake up with a river on our windows. I have socks with cat litter in. Salt pots etc. All help but not when the heating has been on. I just keep wiping every morning.”

Nicola Cheyne said: “I read on another page a few days ago that someone put a cup of salt on the window sill and when it’s gone hard after a day or two throw away and replace they said it worked amazing.”

Toni-Ann Hamilton added that the cat litter trick worked for her, saying: “I’ve had this problem for so long too but recently found an article about a fix and had to try it!

“I popped some cat litter in a sock, tied the sock and placed it on my window ledges (hidden behind ornaments etc as let’s face it, socks on your window ledge is a bit unsightly) but for the first time in so many winters, we woke to clear windows!”



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