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'Girls made fun of him': Bryan Kohberger bullied by 'popular clique', says ex-cheerleader


Bryan Kohberger, who currently stands accused of brutally murdering four Idaho college students, is having his life inspected by FBI agents. The 28-year-old PhD student’s middle school crush, Kim Kenely, has been interviewed by the bureau to shed light on Kohberger’s personality. The two had attended Pleasant Valley Intermediate School in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania when Kohberger made “weird comments”, according to her mother, Sandra.

She told DailyMail.com: “He would always say, ‘Oh Kim, I think you’re very pretty.’ Just like weird comments. And she’d say, ‘Oh my God, leave me alone’.

“She did not give him the time of day. When kids are little, they’re mean. They don’t say, ‘Oh my god, thank you, but no’.”

While former classmates revealed Kohberger was bullied by popular students.

An unnamed classmate said: “The whole clique of popular girls made fun of him in school. They were the cheerleaders and the ones that every kid had crushes on.

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“They literally tortured him, girls started making fun of him in middle school.”

But Kohberger turned “aggressive” after taking up boxing and losing weight.

The source added: “He was a totally different person. He worked out constantly and was super aggressive,’ the male friend said.

“He had a short fuse and was constantly trying to change his style and personality to fit in with cliques.”

Kohberger’s attorney, Anne Taylor, told Magistrate Judge Megan Marshall that Kohberger was willing to waive his right to a speedy preliminary hearing, which would have required that it be held within two weeks. The hearing itself will likely take four or five days, Taylor said.

“He’s willing to waive timeliness to allow us time to obtain discovery in the case and be prepared,” Taylor told the judge.

Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said he had no objection to waiting until June or even July for the preliminary hearing.

Marshall set the preliminary hearing for June 26 at 9 am., expecting it to last for five days.




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