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Harry 'mysteriously' absent from The Crown amid speculation of 'deal' with Netflix

“The world may think that Prince Harry’s deal with us means he has some control on the company’s output but it is not the case,” the source alleged. “He has some say in the content he produces for them, but outside of that the company remains independent. And one key aspect of that is The Crown.”

“No one knows whether he thought that there would be some kind of say when he came to the table, but it was made clear early on [that] The Crown has no part of his remit,” they added.

“And not only that, Harry does not have input in the scripts or narrative of the show either directly through [The Crown’s production company] Leftbank or indirectly through Netflix. There is no opportunity for him to send over his ideas or suggestions either.”

Despite his fleeting feature in the hit show, The Crown fans have praised Harry’s role, taking to Twitter to discuss one particular moment in the latest season. 

In the scene, Diana suggests going shopping on their holiday; when Charles says no one else is interested in going, Harry speaks up saying he would like to go with his mother. 

One person wrote: “BABY HARRY first to stand up for his mama Princess Diana, over a simple ‘wanting to go shopping’ #thecrown,” while another person said it’s “good to see that the show wrote something to show that Harry has always stuck up for his mom. And was the first one to do so.”



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