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I didn’t have a bump the whole way through my pregnancy – it finally popped out two weeks before I gave birth

SHE expected to be showing off a growing bump throughout her pregnancy.

But Nikki Salazar’s journey to motherhood was barely visible to the naked eye, as she explained in a video on her TikTok page.

Nikki Salazar took to TikTok to reveal how her baby bump didn’t show throughout her entire pregnancy
There was still no sign of any bump at three months along
Nikki was still wearing corsets by the time she was five months pregnant
In her snap from seven months, she lay down to show her stomach was still flat

“My pregnancy journey except I didn’t show until two weeks before giving birth,” Nikki wrote over the clip.

She began by showing herself at one month pregnant, wearing a blue crop top and black skirt, with no sign of a bump at all.

At two months she was still wearing crop tops, pairing her T-shirt with some low-slung leggings.

Three months into her pregnancy, Nikki started to struggle with her sickness, writing: “I started to lose a lot of weight because I was throwing up 24/7.”

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At four and five months’ pregnant, she had no bump, writing over a snap of herself at five months: “Still nothing”.

Even at six months, when she could see her baby “moving a lot” inside her stomach, there was no sign of a bump.

At seven months, Nikki “just felt bloated”.

But it was at eight months that she “finally saw the actual bump”.

It was still tiny though, as Nikki share a snap of herself five days before giving birth, with barely anything visible.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: “I know you say it didn’t show. but at least you knew.

“Because if I see my tummy moving like that I would freak out.”

“Hahah this happened to me too no one could tell I was pregnant,” another added.

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While a third commented: “I looked 6 months gone as soon as that 2nd line appeared.

“Congrats on the little one and being gods favourite.”

At six months, she still had no bump, but could see her baby moving inside her stomach

She was still wearing skimpy ensembles at eight months pregnant[/caption]

Five days before Nikki gave birth there was still only a teeny bump
Nikki is now a proud mother of a gorgeous baby boy


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