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I got sent home from work for my outfit – I don’t understand but people agree I’m showing too much skin

A young woman has shared how she was dress coded for wearing shorts at work.

She revealed in a TikTok that she was sent home for the dress code violation.

Instagram/ yingfromchina

TikTok user Ying was sent home for wearing shorts to work[/caption]

TikTok user Ying, who runs the account @YingfromChina, shared the outfit she was wearing when she got sent home from work.

“I got sent home from work today because of what I wear. I just don’t understand,” Ying explained in her video.

The fitness fanatic showed her followers the offending outfit that was deemed not suitable for work.

Ying can be seen wearing beige shorts and a simple white patterned top.

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She completed the look with white sneakers and a navy blue blazer.

The TikToker said she didn’t understand why the look was regarded as inappropriate since the top wasn’t low cut.

Ying’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the outfit.

“Never wear anything above the knee, it’s very unprofessional,” wrote one viewer.

Another user said: “That much leg? It’s not even knee length…unprofessional.”

“You look cute but I understand some employers may think shorts are inappropriate,” commented a third person.

The TikToker showed her followers the outfit she was wearing when she was dress coded at work
Instagram/ yingfromchina


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