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Idaho murder suspect asked neighbour about ‘crime of passion’ weeks before arrest


The Idaho murder suspect is said to have asked his neighbour about the heinous crimes weeks before his arrest. Bryan Kohberger, 28 and allegedly behind the killings of four University of Idaho students, told a neighbour he believed the unsolved killings were a “crime of passion”.

Bryan’s neighbour, who appeared in court on Thursday, lived in same the off-campus apartment complex as the alleged killer, seven miles from the house where the crime took place.

He did not wish to be identified, but said in an interview how Bryan asked him about the murders days after they happened in November.

“He brought it up in conversation, asked if I’d heard about the murders”, the man said. “Which I had.”

“He said: ‘It seems like they have no leads… like it was a crime of passion’.”

Speaking to CBS, the neighbour added: “At the time of our conversation it was only a few days after it happened. There wasn’t much detail out.”

It comes as Bryan returned to the courtroom and said through his attorney that he plans to challenge the evidence against him.

The criminology Ph.D. student waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing, to which Magistrate Judge Megan Marshall explained he was only waiving his right to have the hearing within 14 days.

Kootenai County Public Defender Anne Taylor reasoned that waiving the 14-day deadline would give her more time to review the evidence obtained through discovery, which she filed a request for on Tuesday, according to court records.

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His cellphone pinged near the house at least 12 times before the murders and once the morning after.

An attorney for the family of Kaylee told Business Insider earlier this week that Bryan was ‘not known’ to any of the students.

“No one knew of this guy at all,” attorney Shannon Gray said.

Police say they matched a sample of DNA found at the scene to DNA taken from Bryan’s trash in Pennsylvania.




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