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I’m 58 and get told to ‘dress my age’ – but I love wearing what I want, including sexy crop tops


A TIKTOKER isn’t letting online haters change her mind when it comes to what she likes to wear.

Despite being constantly told to “dress her age,” the 58-year-old wears whatever she wants, including racy crop tops.

One 58-year-old woman has responded to her haters’ comments about what she wears
Darla says she’ll never stop dressing how she wants

TikTok creator Darla is unapologetically herself in all her videos.

At 58 years old, the social media user is a fitness master and confident woman.

Darla focuses her content on motivational videos that show how age doesn’t matter when it comes to taking care and being proud of your body.

She’s not afraid to show hers, either.

In a recent post, she claims that her haters will never cause her to stop dressing in what she wants because she loves it.

Her caption reads: “58 – My reaction when I’m told to dress my age.”

Darla’s wearing a pair of low-rise skinny jeans and a sexy halter top that cuts down the middle of her stomach.

While most viewers encouraged her to continue being confident and proud, others took it as another opportunity to put her down.

“Very respectfully you are way too old for this context, choose another one more accordingly with your age,” one judgmental person wrote.

Another person commented: “Desperation….Find some self-respect.”

“Never too old to wear what I want,” Darla wrote back.

She continues to ignore the haters and still uploads videos in her bikini, sports bra, mini bodycon dresses, and booty shorts.

In her birthday post, Darla emphasized the significance of our perception of aging compared to the actual process.

She said: “Remember we are all aging but have a lot of control over how that happens.”

Darla still wears bikinis, crop tops, and bodycon dresses
She loves to wear what she feels good in even if people tell her to ‘dress her age’




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