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I’m a country girl – people say they’re ‘down bad’ after I trade my sweats for a catsuit


A COUNTRY girl has entranced viewers with how amazing she looks when she wears both casual clothes and a slinky outfit.

TikTok creator Cayla is a country girl through and through, as shown by several of her videos.

TikTok user Cayla is a self-described country girl with a love of the south
TikTok / southerncayla

You can find her wearing cowboy boots with the viral Skims Soft Lounge dress or tossing on some Daisy Dukes.

In a recent video, she paired her cowboy boots with a unique fashion item that has been growing in popularity over the last year.

The Texas native stayed true to her country roots but added a bit of sultry style when she rocked a bold catsuit on TikTok.

At the start of the video, Cayla wore an oversized gray sweatshirt dress with the word “Texas” stitched over it in brown cow print.

She matched the sweatshirt to her brown cow print cowboy boots and tossed on a brown cowboy hat.

The brunette twirled her loose waves in her fingers before she transitioned into her skintight catsuit.

Keeping her outfit in tune with the farm theme, she pairs the bright red suit with her cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Cayla turns and poses in the clothing item to show off her lean body and toned bottom.

Her look was a hit among her online audience and numerous people shared their thoughts in the comments.

“I’m down down baddd,” one viewer commented.

“You wear it so well,” another added.

“Omg beautiful,” a TikTok user praised.

People say they’re down bad after she traded her sweats for a slinky catsuit
TikTok / southerncayla




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