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I’m a dancing country girl – I may lack in the back, but people say I’m perfect in every other way


A SELF-DESCRIBED country girl has enthralled viewers with her dancing skills and so much more.

She may not have the most full bodily features, but people say that she’s perfect in every other way.

TikTok / smalltowntay

Dancing country girl Taylor may not have a big butt but is great in other ways[/caption]

TikTok creator Taylor, also known on the platform as @smalltowntay, is a certified country girl, as shown through her content.

Many of her videos are about all aspects of country life, whether it be farming, hunting, boating, or, of course, dancing.

In one video, she candidly shared that she doesn’t have the fullest hips and a large butt but won’t let that stop her from living life to the fullest.

Taylor made a point to mention that what she may not have, she makes up for in other ways.

The blonde beauty stood in the center of the frame with her head cut off and visible from her mouth down.

She wore a tan cowboy hat, a long-sleeve white shirt, and bootcut jeans complete with a large buckled belt to pull the fashionable outfit together.

The subtitles above her head explained that though she may not be shaped like singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson, who has a curvy shape, she makes up in different ways what “she’s lacking in the back.”

As the subtitles appear, Taylor dances and moves her hips before turning around and giving viewers a glance at her backside.

Her lack of a large butt didn’t deter many people from rushing to the comments to tell her how great she looks regardless.

“You’re built just fine, nothing wrong with your look or build,” a viewer commented.

“You’re perfect though,” another added.

“This lady here is beautiful,” a TikTok user stated.

Numerous people said in the comments that she is perfect the way she is
TikTok / smalltowntay




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