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I’m a female biker – I showed my transformation into full gear, people say I get ‘more and more beautiful’


A FEMALE who shares her love of motorbikes on TikTok is making another big impression.

In her latest post, Selina-toy shows viewers what a biker should wear to stay safe.


TikToker Selina_toy shows what clothes a biker should wear to stay safe[/caption]


She wears a leather all-in-one suit, boots, balaclava and helmet[/caption]

Hard-core bikers will be pleased to see she wears all-over leather.

But it is her particular choice of leather protective gear that is turning heads.

Wearing a black top and leggings, Selina captions her video with: “Get ready with me for a ride.”

For those new to motorbiking, Selina demonstrates what a biker should wear to stay safe out on the highway.

First, she slips on a snug all-in-one leather suit and zips up the front. Then she puts on a pair of black protection boots.

Before slipping on her thin under-helmet head cover, she arranges her long hair into a side plait.

Finishing the transformation, she puts on her all-important helmet.

Selina certainly looks the part and her followers think so too, with over 49.4k following her life as a biker girl on TikTok.

Comments to her video are loving the look.


Selina_toy dresses head to toe in leather when she is out on her bike[/caption]

Veteran bikers appreciated her efforts: “Full gear all the time.”

Others were smitten:

“More and more beautiful,” said one.

“Ohhhh yessss,” was another.

And more: “My superwoman,” and “Wow, impressed and fantastic.”

Wife material perhaps suggested another: “This is the perfect wife.”

Finally, she cast a spell on at least one: “Fell in love.”




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