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I’m a hairstylist & I see people damaging their locks with oil all the time – it makes your hair dry as straw


A PROFESSIONAL hairstylist has revealed why an oil treatment for your hair might not be the best idea – it’s more damaging than you would think.

Your hair feels dry and is in a desperate need for some love and care, and the first thing that comes to mind is running to the kitchen for some oil.

The hair pro took to TikTok to explain why oiling your locks is more damaging than you’d think

But as popular as this inexpensive DIY hair treatment is, one guru in the industry has insisted it will only make your locks more dry.

Dusty, who posts on TikTok under the username @curlvisionn, uploaded a video on social media urging fellow beauty fans to rethink their hair care routine.

”All that oil that you are puttin in your hair is f***ing your hair up,” claimed the LA-based pro.

”It gets in there, it can’t get out. It doesn’t mix with water and then you have to jump to a clarifying shampoo, which is super aggressive.”

This, he went on to explain in the now-viral clip, will strip out not only all the oil but ”everything else with it”, leaving your locks ”even dryer” than they were at the start.

”Now you’re going to do what, add more oils to kind of like cover up that dryness.

”It’s a downwards synergy that’s just going to leave you with a bunch of busted a** hair.”

After being posted less than 24h ago, the clip has already taken social media by storm and causing quite the debate online.

Whilst some thanked the whizz for sharing his professional opinion, others insisted that oiling their locks has worked like a charm.

”lol watches in Indian who oils weekly and my hair is perfect!” one viewer hit back.

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Someone else would also continue using this method: ”The Mediterranean have been using olive oil and argan oil for centuries… imma stick w that.”

”Meanwhile I used oil on my hair and it made it grow, look better, and feel better so I’ll just listen to my hair on this one,” a third wasn’t convinced either.

”I personally only listen to people with long hair,” another chuckled in the comments.

As sticking to oil is no longer an option, perhaps it’s worth trying a hack that makes it soft, shiny and stops the grease.

One beauty fan, Abbey Yung, took to TikTok to show off her simple trick that stops your hair getting greasy, and it’s definitely worth a try.

Abbey regularly shares her beauty and hair recommendations to social media and one of her recent ones involves using micellar water to stop grease building up.

The TikTok user has a whopping 654.8k followers and 17.8million likes and often shares clever beauty tips and tricks.

Abbey uploaded her recent video with the caption ‘ok whatttt’, as she demonstrated how she uses micellar water on her hair.

She said: “Let’s test micellar water before shampoo to see if it cleans even better.”

Abbey showed off her hair before using micellar water, which she described as “super oily”.

The beauty whizz explained: “I applied the micellar water directly to my scalp and evenly saturated my roots.”

She then massages it in, does a first round of shampoo and then a second lot of shampoo.

Abbey washes off the double shampoo and then shows off the finished result.

Not only does Abbey’s hair look great, she says it feels amazing too.

She exclaimed: “Wow, my hair feels so clean.

“Also so soft and shiny!

“I’m obsessed.”

You may be wondering – why won’t shampoo and conditioner do the trick?

Abbey said: “This is definitely not a must do – testing new things is just what makes TikTok fun for me!

“Take what works for you, leave what doesn’t.

“I wasn’t expecting it to work so well”. 

Beauty fans were intrigued by the technique and took to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Abby you’re about to make me do something silly to my hair!!!!” 

Another added: “Oooh interesting!!!!”




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