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I’m a hot cowgirl – other women always stare at my country gear and think I’m unfriendly but they’re just jealous


THIS country girl has shared how she gets slammed for her style but her viewers say the haters are just jealous.

Madie Grace is a cowgirl from South Carolina who likes to show off her southern charm and western fashion on TikTok.


This country girl shared how she gets slammed for her style[/caption]


Her viewers say the haters are just jealous[/caption]

In a recent video, Madie lip-synced part of Taylor Swift’s song Speak Now while wearing her country get-up.

She was wearing a plain T-shirt with blue jeans, a belt with a big buckle and a matching necklace, and to top it all off, a black cap.

The cowgirl pretended to sing the lyrics: “All eyes on me. Horrified look from everyone in the room,” while showing off her outfit.

Words appeared on the screen that read: “Walking into anywhere when there’s girls dressed like me.”

She captioned the video: “Yall western fashion punchy cowgirl lookers are some scary stuff. Meanies”

In another video, Madie addressed a comment she has gotten in the past – “I thought you were so mean when I first saw you.”

She proceeded to show fun and goofy videos of her life as a cowgirl with the words “HAHA… oh wait you’re fr?” displayed across the screen.

Madie was poking fun at the trolls who judge her, but viewers said they were just jealous of the cowgirl.

“They find us intimidating + strong sis and that makes them jealous. keep doing you,” one wrote in the comment section of her recent video.

Some viewers related to Madie’s rough experience.

“The stares I get when I walk into my classes after I just got off work at the feedmill,” a viewer wrote with a crying face emoji.

Another said: “It’s rank out there. that’s why I dont like to go to public things [see-no-evil monkey emoji] think I’ll make new friends… NOPE!”

“No b/c literally they will be pointing and not even shy about them talking about you,” a third wrote.

To which Madie responded: “Ikr, like me and my friends are just trying to be friends with youuuuu my bad.”

Instead of judging other girls, one viewer said she admires them.

“I get so excited when I see a girl who has the same style as me. I WILL stare. I’m admiring and making outfits in my head based off theirs,” she wrote.

Madie replied to her: “My friends and I do this too! Ahh we have to start giving a white flag signal,” with a laughing face.




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