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I’m a hot teacher – my students found out about my TikTok videos and are now saying the same thing


A TEACHER whose students discovered her TikTok page say they all ask the same question.

Ash Paq, 25, often shares an insight into her life as a teacher with her 98,600 followers.

Ash says her students ask to be in her videos
She said they even suggested wearing bags on their heads

But she didn’t realise some of her fans were her own pupils.

In a recent video, she revealed an common exchange she now has with students in her class.

It reads: “Student: Can we be in your TikTok videos?

“Me: No, sorry.

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“Students: But what if we put bags over our heads?

“Me: Absolutely not.”

Ash previously shared classroom secrets about her students -including being bombarded with inappropriate friend requests.

She revealed that students pester her to accept their follow requests on social media and want to follow her page.

The young teacher also highlighted that people mistake her for a pupil herself – asking: “Are you a teacher or a student?”

Ash also shared how her class ask if they can attend her wedding.

But on a more embarrassing note, they enjoy telling her when they’ve found her TikTok account and threaten to scroll through every video.

Meanwhile, a teacher dubbed the “cutest ever” has shown how hard she works to get her students’ attention.

The social media user known as amber.marie.44 regularly posts TikTok and her fans are saying the same thing about her latest video.

In her latest offering, Amber climbs on to a chair with a cross face on.

She then does a funky dance routine that’s pretty hard to ignore, if the comments are anything to go by.

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“You would get all my attention,” read one while another said “I would be the best student ever”.

For one fan, the teacher “don’t gotta do anything” to get their attention.




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