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I’m a makeup artist – the basic eyeshadow mistakes that make you look older and highlight wrinkles

EYESHADOW can complete transform your look.

But it turns out there are a few major mistakes that can make you look years old and draw even more attention to fine lines and wrinkles.


Getting your eye makeup right can make or break your look[/caption]

Makeup artist Pauline Briscoe told that picking the right colours is vital when it comes to doing your eyeshadow.

No matter your age, neutral shades will always look chic and timeless, so if you’re ever in doubt stick to black, white, brown and grey.

Although you might want to avoid wearing too much black as you age, since this can make your eyes appear smaller.

Instead, Pauline suggests warm and soft pastel shades.



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She explained that they’re “complementary on older skin as these shades create the illusion of a youthful and fresh appearance.”

So what eyeshadow pallets are worth buying?

The pro recommended NYX Swear by It palette, “and I do swear by it,” she said.

The pallet has 40 different shades ranging from warm neutrals and soft pinks, to deep oranges and blues.

The makeup whizz also suggested the slightly more pricey Urban Decay Born to Run palette for £53.

Pauline explained that the soft browns in the pallet make it a staple in her kit.



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