I’m a nurse and got bodyshamed over my uniform – she said my trousers were ‘too tight’ and I was ‘sexualising’ scrubs


I’m a nurse and got bodyshamed over my uniform – she said my trousers were ‘too tight’ and I was ‘sexualising’ scrubs

A NURSE has recalled how a patient’s wife body-shamed her while she was wearing her uniform. She had been checking the vitals of the woma

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A NURSE has recalled how a patient’s wife body-shamed her while she was wearing her uniform.

She had been checking the vitals of the woman’s husband in order for him to be discharged when the wife took issue with what she was wearing and proceeded to tell the nurse she was “sexualising’ scrubs”.


A nurse has revealed how she was body-shamed by a patient’s wife over her uniform[/caption]


She was told by the woman her trousers were “too tight” and should be “baggier”[/caption]

TikTok user Jordann explained in a video she shared online that she had been dressed in FIGS scrubs, which come with a jogger-like style bottom instead of the usual baggier fit.

The woman didn’t approve of the style and told Jordann her trousers were “too tight” and probably the reason why nurses are “sexualised” by patients at work.

The nurse explained in her post, that has since gone viral online after being watched by over 3.6million: “Quick little story time about last night when I had an interaction with a Karen at work.

“I would just like to preface that this patient or the family member – neither of their names were Karen, so I’m not violating any HIPAA rules, they just had mad immaculate Karen vibes.

“I had a gentlemen who was going to be discharged and I just had to get a set of vitals on him before he left. Well, his wife was in the room and she looks at me.”

Jordann continued: “I wear FIGS scrubs. I wear like the jogger style scrubs, I always have. She looks at me and she’s like, ‘Well, those pants are very interesting.’

“I was wearing bright red, so I was like, ‘Oh yeah, like they’re a very bright colour, I like them,’ and she looks at me and she’s like, ‘Oh, I’m not talking about the colour.’”

Recalling the awkward exchange with her patient’s wife, she said: “I was mad confused and even a little bit oblivious, to be honest… and she was like, ‘They’re a little tight, don’t you think? Aren’t scrub pants supposed to be baggy?’

“I looked at her and I said, ‘This is just the style that I prefer and a lot of nurses and techs that I work with choose to wear the jogger style,’ and she proceeds to tell me that my pants are the reason that nurses are being sexualised at work.

“I looked at her and I said, ‘Well, honestly I never felt sexualised in my work clothes – scrubs are nasty, we get all sorts of stuff on these – I’ve never really felt sexualised in my uniform until now.’”

As the woman continued to bodyshame her, Jordann couldn’t help but hit back.

She revealed: “Then she said to me if I did not want to be sexualised by patients, I should wear looser or baggy scrubs. And I said, ‘Yeah, because my outfit is the problem not your pervy husband. OK bye.’”

Thousands of people who watched her video were seen commenting, with many left outraged by the woman’s behaviour.

“The AUDACITY to have an opinion on healthcare workers when they are HELPING YOU is BEYOND me,” said one person.


Another commented: “It’s her internalised misogyny for me. She wouldn’t say that to a male RN.”

Others called the wife out for targeting nurses, as a third urged: “Normalise nurses in scrubs that make them feel confident! Who says we have to wear baggy scrubs.”

One more agreed, as they shared: “So why do other professions get to dress nice and do their hair and make-up and not get judged… but when nurses do it, it is ‘wrong’.”

Another revealed: “I wear loose scrubs – that’s my style. I’ve been sexualised more than once. Guess again Karen.”

And showing their support for Jordann, one more said: “Oh they were sexualising us when the scrubs were baggy, when they were white and when they were dresses. It’s nothing to do with the scrubs.”


The woman told the nurse her trousers were the reason nurses are being ‘sexualised at work’ leaving her and others watching her video outraged[/caption]

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