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I’m a restaurant health inspector and there are some places I’ll NEVER eat – you can always tell by the menu

SHE’S a restaurant health inspector.

And her job means that one woman has had to drastically limit the places she eats in.

One restaurant health inspector has revealed the places she will never eat at because of her job
Those with too large of a menu are among those she won’t visit
While places with dirty bathrooms are also a big no no

She took to TikTok to share a video detailing “places I won’t eat as a restaurant health inspector”.

On the list were buffets, “places with dirty bathrooms” and “places with too large of a menu”.

She also won’t eat anywhere that staff “seem unhappy to work”.

“I’ve seen a lot,” she added in the caption.

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People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on her revelation, with one writing: “I learned from a health inspector that if the bathrooms are bad the kitchen is probably bad.

“My rule of thumb!”

“Big menus are really a turn off,” another added.

“How could they possibly prepare and pre-cook so many items?”

“I believe that buffets are like a training course for my gut resilience,” someone else commented.

As another wrote: “My dad would always check out the restrooms before dinning out.

“We didn’t understand until we got older and told us the reasoning for doing that.”

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As for the places that she will eat, she listed “places with good inspector ratings”, “locally owned businesses” and “places that have had bad inspection reports in the past but have improved”.

Also “places where staff are treated well by management”.

She won’t eat at a buffet
Or anywhere that staff seem unhappy to work


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