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I’m a size 18 and in my 40s but still wear miniskirts – nothing makes me more angry than people saying I can’t

SHE’S in her 40s and a size 18, but neither of those facts will stop Emily Johnston wearing exactly what she wants.

She took to TikTok to share a video of herself styling a cute leather miniskirt, writing over the top: “In my forties, wearing a size 18 and sporting a miniskirt.


Emily Johnston wears what she wants despite what people say about fashion ‘rules’[/caption]


She teamed her leather miniskirt with a beige roll neck top[/caption]


She added some brown over-the-knee boots from Amazon[/caption]


And added a brown gilet over the top for winter vibes[/caption]

“Don’t let anyone tell you style has ‘rules’.”

In the video, Emily teamed the skirt with a beige roll neck jumper, over-the-knee brown boots and a cute gilet, adding some sunglasses and leaving her brunette hair loose and wavy.

She added in the video caption: “Nothing angers me more than people claiming there are ‘rules’ in fashion.

“No matter your age, shape or size, if you wear an outfit with confidence you can break all the rules you want!”

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People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: “We are 100% size 18-ing differently because you are slaying.”

“Thanks honey. I’m also over six feet tall,” Emily replied.

“I’m in my 60s and still wear a mini skirt,” another added.

“Oo where are these boots from?” someone else asked.

With Emily revealing she “found them on Amazon”.

“First of all-thought you were in your 20’s. You are beautiful!!” someone else commented.

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As another praised: “Style does not come with size!Intelligence, confidence and a beauty within is fantastic!

“You look fantastic and those attributes show.”


She insisted she won’t pay any notice to what other people say she should wear[/caption]



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