I’m an energy expert and these six changes around your home could lower your bills

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I’m an energy expert and these six changes around your home could lower your bills

ENERGY bills are on the rise for all, so now is the time cut back wherever you can at home. One energy expert has revealed that you only have to

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ENERGY bills are on the rise for all, so now is the time cut back wherever you can at home.

One energy expert has revealed that you only have to make simple changes to see hundreds of pounds come off your tariff.

Households will have to pay hundreds more for energy this year but experts explain how to lower the cost

Sunny Solanky is a smart energy expert at British Gas and he has revealed that small improvements you can make around your home will help lower costs.

Some are as simple as checking up on your boiler once in a while, or turning off the telly at the wall.

He said: “It’s surprising how much you can achieve by making a few easy adjustments around the home.”

It comes as households face a record rise of up to £693 a year on average onto their bills.

This week energy regulator Ofgem confirmed that the energy price cap will rise 54% to £1,917 in April.

The Bank of England also doubled interest rates to 0.5% – its second hike in as many months.

So many families are feeling the pinch, especially as a cost of living crisis strikes the most vulnerable into making a decision between heating and eating.

Sunny said: “Every time I do a home visit with a customer, I am asked to find at least one small change they can make that will help them become more energy efficient.

“And it doesn’t just help them save on their bills – it’s good news for the environment, too.”

Here are the top tips he recommends for households.

Start with your radiators

Ensure your radiators are working effectively says Sunny.

He said: “Bleed your radiators if they feel colder at the top to ensure they work effectively for you – there are lots of easy to follow guides and videos online on how to do this yourself.”

You should bleed your radiators regularly as it will stop them from having cold spots, where air gets trapped inside.

Neglecting to bleed your radiators could stop them from running properly, so you could end up wasting energy heating nothing.

You can also fit foil panels behind them to reflect more heat into the room – but this works most effectively on radiators next to outdoor walls.

Households could save an average of £55 a year by heating their homes more efficiently though, so it pays to be smart about where your radiators are kicking out the most heat.

Shut out the cold

It’s super important to make sure you plug up any gappy areas in your house that heat could escape out of, or cold air could come in.

That’s because you don’t want to be wasting money in any areas that are wasting energy.

Draught excluders do this perfectly and they can be bought from as little as £3.

Sunny said: “Draught excluders are available from most DIY stores, and they’re an easy and affordable way to draught-proof your home and could save you up to £30 per year. 

“As well as sealing the joins around your doors and windows, don’t overlook extra measures like letterbox brushes, chimney balloons and even keyhole coverings.”

You can also use other quirky DIY methods like taping up the windows and curtains to stop drafts and using clingfilm to create a tight seal on the windowsill.

Regularly check your boiler

Regular services for your boiler can ensure it is working as efficiently as it should to warm your home.

Sunny said: “It will also prolong the life of the boiler so it doesn’t need replacing anytime soon.”

Replacing a boiler altogether can incur mega up-front fees that can be over £2,000.

There is help out there in the form of grants where you can get your costs covered – so long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

But boilers also have a warranty of around 10 years, though if you have not had regular services the warranty doesn’t stand.

Common problems with your boiler can be easily fixed if they’re picked up in enough time, and as a result you could save £100s.

Switch off devices

“Think about your TV, computer and sound system,” he said.

“If you can see the little red light, they’re still using electricity in standby mode, and can add up to £35 to your bill.”

Experts reveal that the best way to save is to switch them off completely.

It’s also worth opting for one with a higher energy efficiency rating when it comes time to replace them, that way you’ll be able to get a new shinier product that doesn’t take a hit on your finances.

Set the temperature right, before bed

Sunny said: “Get your heating right for bedtime.

“You should set your heating to start 15 minutes before you wake up and turn off 30 minutes before bed.

“This can save money and even help you get a better night’s sleep.”

The reason behind this is that you won’t be wasting energy heating up your home at unnecessary times – it’s the same if you head off to work, switch it off.

You should also turn down the heat in any rooms not in use AND try turning down the heating by at least one degree.

Reducing the temperature to by just one degree can save you over £100 a year according to experts and you won’t notice the difference in heat.

Even positioning your thermostat in the wrong room of your house could be adding hundreds to your bills.

Experts say placing it in the bathroom, a room that has such an inconsistent temperature, or by a window, could throw off its readings and mean you spend more on your bills.

Clean up the kitchen

Households will want to maximise energy efficiency in the kitchen as it is one of the most energy intensive rooms in the house.

If you do things like cleaning filters on appliances that’ll make sure they’re running effectively and not wasting energy.

Something as simple as forgetting to defrost your freezer compartment could add as much as £150 a year to your bill.

And uncluttering your fridge will help it run better too.

Sunny also advised that when it’s time to replace old or faulty items ensure you opt for the higher energy efficiency rating.

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