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I’m an etiquette coach and here is the one thing the mother of the bride should never do

AN etiquette coach has revealed the one thing the mother of the bride should never do.

Denise Suthoff, who regularly shares helpful pieces of around wedding topics, issued a warning for overbearing mums.


Denise Suthoff regularly shares advice for people about to get married[/caption]


In the clip she says ‘momzillas’ need to relax on their son or daughter’s big day[/caption]

In her helpful tip for pesky parents who turn into “momzillas“, Barbara advised it’s best to take a backseat to make sure their daughter or son has the best day possible.

She said the most vital thing is not to be controlling or try and take over the day.

Barbara explained the pressure on the day can create kind and caring mum’s with the best of intentions to be too much.

She said: “Mom; whatever your issue is, let it go, you had your opportunity for your wedding, now it’s your son or daughter’s turn, and truthfully the things you are throwing a fit about just are not that critical.



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“Most mums are great, but if this is you, just calm down and enjoy the day.”

Barbara is known for sharing a number of helpful tips and tricks from everything from weddings to etiquette.

In another vide, posted under her handle @weddingtalk901, she revealed an important task that must be completed after the wedding.

She explained thank you notes to show appreciation to the guests who attended the wedding are an “etiquette must”.

Denise advised: “You technically have three months to get them done but don’t take that long.

“Get them as soon as you get back from your honeymoon, just go ahead and get them out.

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“If people give you cash, don’t mention the dollar amount, just say thank you for the gift.

“A lot of people may have spent a lot of money on airfare, hotels, be sure to recognize that in your thank you note.”



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