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I’m plus size and wear skirts as crop tops – I get trolled for it but I know how good I look

WE’RE all feeling the pinch at the moment.

With the rising costs of food and energy bills some of us are making sacrifices in other areas.


Samyra turned a skirt into a crop top[/caption]

Clothes shopping although it could be seen as necessities can really bite into your funds if you get carried away.

New an inventive ways of making clothes last are growing popular everyday.

Including thrifting and mending our own clothes.

But once a garment is too small for you it can be difficult to make use of it.

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One TikToker has shared her quick skirt transformation online.

Samyra is a plus size fashion and lifestyle influencer she has over 1 million followers in TikTok.

In a recent video Samyra reused a skirt as a crop top.

Samyra said “One thing about fat people, we gone be creative.”

She continued: “This is the skirt okay? It’s a size medium from Urban outfitters”

Just before her transformation Samyra said “I know my outfit is giving very much clover so one to three eyes on me lets get into the skrop.”

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Samyra coined the term skrop to refer to the skirt she has now turned into a crop top.

She said: “And by skrop I mean skirt crop top – you can tell me that this was never crop top, you cnat tell me that this was ever a skirt

She continued: “Also we’ve got that detailing on the side you can tell me that this is not a crop top.”

Samyra’s video now has over 340,000 views and viewers were very impressed with Samyra creative use of the crop top.

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One commenter said: “That’s not crazy it’s stylish”

Another commenter said: “Us plus size girlsss been doin this our whole life Bc [becuase] we always had to improvise fits Bc [becuase] they don’t make cute stuff in our size!! Iykyk! Love it!!”


Samyra thought her ‘skrop’ transformation looked good.[/caption]



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