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I’m plus-sized – trolls say I’m seconds away from a heart attack but I love my body and it’s making me RICH

A PLUS-sized model says trolls tell her she’s seconds away from a heart attack – but she doesn’t care because it’s making her rich.

Steph Oshiri, 28, quit her job as a make-up artist and now earns $45,000 (£28k) a month on OnlyFans.

Jam Press/@stephoshirii

Steph Oshiri, 28, makes around $45,000 (£28k) a month on OnlyFans[/caption]

The plus-sized model said she’s constantly trolled and told she’s seconds away from a heart attack
Jam Press/@stephoshirii
Jam Press/@stephoshirii

Steph has a 55-inch bottom and 35-inch waist[/caption]

The Canadian content creator weighs 220lbs, has size 36DDD breasts, and claims to also have a 55-inch bottom and 35-inch waist.

She joined OnlyFans in 2020 and, despite hiding her face, still earned between $2,000 and $3,000 (£1200 – £1800) a month on the site.

But since revealing her identity, Steph has seen her earnings skyrocket and says it’s all thanks to her ample curves.

It’s not all been smooth sailing though, as the model is frequently “shamed” by people who say she should “get a real job”.



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But Steph finds it “funny” that trolls who slam her lifestyle are most likely watching porn themselves.

“Online it’s mostly been a mixed reaction. Some are positive and happy to see a plus-size creator thrive in the porn industry. Others shame me for my body and career choice,” she said.

“I’ve been told often by men to ‘get a real job’ and that I should be ashamed that my money comes from sex work.

“It’s funny to me because men are predominantly the ones creating the demand for this industry in the first place.

“I doubt the men that tell me to get a ‘real job’ abstain from watching porn themselves.

“They are contributing to the demand for sex workers and I’m simply cashing in on it.”

But it’s not only the job that people troll Steph for, with the model revealing people frequently leave negative comments about her body – saying she is “seconds away from a heart attack“.

Others say “doctors must just ‘love me because I keep them in business’.”

She said: “I’ve had people comment 20 times on a single video making fun of me and calling me every name you could imagine.

“It’s not a normal thing to receive this type of hate, especially not in the capacity I deal with it. I think most would struggle with it.

“You have to really want to do this job for that trade-off to be worth it. Your mental health at times will suffer.”

Despite the strains of the job, Steph hopes to soon hit her next career milestone.

She said: “I’ve always had a knack for social media and building a following online, paired with my sexual curiosity, confidence and assets I knew I’d be able to earn big!

“I knew once I did [went faceless] my income would double or triple.

“My body stands out. Obviously, the majority of my audience subscribes to me for my wide hips and bum. I definitely don’t think I would be as successful if my bum was smaller.

“I have my 55-inch booty to thank for my $45,000 a month pay check.

“It was a high-risk move but has absolutely proven to be worth it.

“My goal is to one day hit the $100,000 per month milestone!”

She also hopes to branch into other forms of entertainment, including plus-size modelling or collaborations with companies.

“I definitely want to be known for more than just being a sex worker,” she said.

“I would love to one day start my own clothing line or plus-size lingerie!”.

Steph frequently goes viral on social media, with over 90,000 followers on TikTok (@stephbabyyy).

In a clip that has seen over 110,000 likes and 2.7 million views, she can be seen modelling a revealing dress with fastenings that pop to reveal thigh-high slits.

Sadly for Steph, the trolls keep coming out in their droves.

“Thunder thighs,” commented one viewer.

“I’m gunna be quiet because sis please suffocated me with those thighssss […],” commented a second viewer.

“It’s too small. Get a bigger size and have it tailored,” wrote another user.

“You look good but that is not for public consumption,” wrote a fourth viewer.

“No… No, not everything is acceptable or should be filmed or should be shown,” wrote a fifth person.

However, the model has plenty of fans too.

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“Ngl something primal awoke in me then,” commented one user.

“God damn you’re gorgeous!” commented someone else.

Jam Press/@stephoshirii

The Canadian content creator has no plans to give up her modelling career[/caption]



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