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I’m the world’s best boss – I gave employee HALF my lottery jackpot for helping me with a simple task


A GENEROUS boss who scooped a lottery jackpot split it with his employee who checked his numbers for him

Michael Winfield from Maryland, US, said he decided to buy a ticket when he saw the jackpot “really climb”.


Michael Winfield bagged $50k (£40k) on the lottery[/caption]

The 48-year-old construction firm owner said he asked one of his workers to check his ticket at the shop as he was busy.

And he told her: “I’ll spit the winnings with you.”

Michael told Maryland State Lottery he had noticed the Mega Millions was up in the $400m (£327m) range so he stopped at a store to grab a ticket.

The numbers was drawn on December 17 – but it was until days later Michael realised he had won a prize.

Michael said: “A co-worker of mine was about to head out to a nearby store to get some lunch.

“I asked her to check several lottery tickets I’d had in my wallet while she was there.”

She took the tickets to be scanned and was stunned when she realised he had won $50,000 (£40k).

Michael said: “My phone happened to not be working that day, so when she called with the news she couldn’t reach me.

“When we finally got together at the office she was so excited.

“I was just in disbelief.”

Michael said he didn’t regret his promise to split the jackpot.

He added: “Not for a second. My word is my word.”

It comes after a lucky woman who thought she had won £3,000 on the lottery was left stunned after a shop worker revealed her real prize.

Geraldine Ettinger, from British Columbia, Canada, popped in to buy the ticket to avoid the icy weather, but ended up scooping a mega jackpot.

Both Geraldine and her husband bought a ticket while shopping at their local mall and she was delighted when her numbers hit the Classic Jackpot on the December 21 draw.

After validating the ticket on a self-scan machine in the lotto kiosk, she was more than satisfied to learn she had won $5,000 (around £3,000).

Meanwhile another Canadian couple, who raked in £1.6 million after deciding to buy a ticket at the last-minute, revealed their unconventional celebration plans.




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