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I’m told I go from 7 to a 10 when I wear a bikini but people say I’m a 10 no matter what


AN INFLUENCER joked that people say she gets better looking when she’s in bikini.

TikToker Lulu, 19, who posts with the handle @alyssaphoebe, showed herself in an oversized shirt and then a glitzy bikini.


The TikToker showed herself in an oversized shirt[/caption]


She said that people say she goes from a seven to a ten in her bikini[/caption]

She said that people thought she looked far better once she was in her swimwear.

Lulu said: “People say I go from a seven to a ten in a bikini… what do you think?”

In the caption she said: “Please be honest.”

The 19-year-old uploaded a short video showing herself posing in an oversized men’s shirt.

She danced in the chunky outfit before revealing herself in a bikini.

The stunning red head then jumped the video cut to her in a small green bikini.

People were quick to comment on the short video.

One person said: “Went from a nine to an eleven.”

Another said: “Um honestly, you went from a ten to like a 15. You’re gorgeous, don’t doubt yourself.”

A third said: “You are gorgeous either way.”

Another said: “Why do you care what people say? Be happy in your own skin…”

While another said: “Off the scale beautiful.”




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