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'It's difficult!' Expansion of ULEZ could lead to a 'massive drop' in value of used cars


“We can expect to see a huge number of non-compliant cars enter the used market in London and its surrounding areas, before being moved on to dealers outside of the capital and its borders.

“Simultaneously, compliant cars are going to become far more valuable for people living inside or within breathing distance of the M25, with a commensurate migration of stock to these areas almost a given.”

The expert continued: “Drivers of commercial vehicles will also be hit hard by the ULEZ expansion, not least because most vans run on diesel, meaning traders whose trucks are more than about six years old will either have to upgrade their vehicles, or pass ULEZ costs onto customers.

“For consumers, car-selling has really caught up with the 21st century in recent years, with the rise of online players making the process faster and more convenient.

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