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It’s McBusted – for all their bluster, the SNP look further than ever from independence

FOR all their pompous bluster, the SNP now look further than ever from breaking up the UK.

It’s not just today’s Supreme Court ruling that they cannot hold a legitimate independence referendum without Westminster’s approval.

In her desperation, Sturgeon is banking on a highly unlikely General Election result as a fake independence referendum after the Supreme Court ruled against the SNP

It’s that Nicola Sturgeon, in her desperation, now plans to count the next General Election as her referendum and assume Scotland’s right to independence if she gets over half the vote.

Which her party has never done. And which, given Labour’s resurgence, looks highly unlikely.

The SNP has no power to declare an election a binding independence poll anyway.

But failure to get 50 per cent-plus would now mean it had lost one real referendum in 2014 AND Sturgeon’s fake one in 2024. Game over, surely.



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Tragically for Scotland, even this dire predicament will not convince the nationalists to put aside their single obsession and focus on governing the country they are abysmally failing.

They infinitely prefer fuelling anti-English grievances to the hard graft of power.

Bricking it

Tories have got housing all wrong – they can’t survive if they don’t win over young voters

WE see the Tories’ problem on housing.

Build in leafy southern seats — where the opportunistic, principle-free Lib Dems champion older NIMBYs — and they’ll lose them.

Fail to build and ­prices will remain far beyond first-time buyers in London and the South East.

Without a solid investment in the economy, they will back Labour en masse.

Scores of Tory MPs believe the first option is the worst. They are blocking Government house-building plans, even the idea of giving locals more say over developments. It’s the wrong choice.

It is simply morally right to relax planning laws, build far more homes for our booming population and get under-40s and under-30s on the ladder.

Politically, too, there is no Tory future without winning more young voters. In 2010, the Tories trumped Labour among young people. It’s hard to imagine now.

And there is no way back without building.

Train wreckers

The RMT now basks in its power to strike over Christmas – and cost a £1.2billion loss to the British economy

THE RMT is not “sorry” to inconvenience the public by striking over Christmas. That’s a bald-faced lie.

It basks in its power to disrupt — and to blackmail Britain with a staggering new £1.2billion loss to the economy.

It is a sickening disgrace that our railways are still at the mercy of hard-Left bully-boys bent on ousting the Tories.

Its members are well-paid. They have been made an offer private sector workers would jump at in these hard times.

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I have UPVC door, there’s a switch to make it less draughty this winter

Plague and war have plunged our economy into recession. Only Marxist wreckers would think Christmas is the ideal moment to inflict further misery.

The Tories must stop these 1970s throwbacks sabotaging Britain.



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