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I’ve known my twin sister is gay for five nears but parents are still clueless


DEAR DEIDRE: MY lovely sister can never be her authentic self as long as our parents are so homophobic.

I’ve known she’s gay for about five years but my parents haven’t a clue.

We’re 24-year-old twins.

Mum quizzes her about boyfriends every time we return home.

My parents are churchgoers and don’t believe God meant us to be gay.

They had a fit when a couple of gay women moved in next door.

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They’re lovely, though, and have been so kind, offering to look after our parents’ cat when they go away on holiday.

My father almost spat out his tea when they offered.

They turned them down.

I want to protect my sister.

We’ve been talking about moving abroad so that we can cut ties with them but is this a little extreme?

DEIDRE SAYS: It is. Although their views are old-fashioned, my guess is you both love them.

Give them the opportunity to understand that, while their daughter is gay, she’s still the same child they love.

In this way she can also feel accepted.

I’m sure you’d all miss each other if you were to move abroad without even trying to work this through.

LGBT Foundation (, 0345 3303 030) help anyone in the gay or trans community and can offer emotional support to help tackle this conversation with your parent when your sister is ready.




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