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Jeremy Vine viewers clash as Black Friday shopping debate takes ‘evil’ turn

A BLACK Friday debate on Jeremy Vine this morning ended up spilling over onto Twitter where viewers of the show were left disagreeing with their opinions.

The Channel 5 morning show fronted by its namesake Jeremy regularly features a host of heated debates between its guests battling their way through a range of hard-hitting and controversial topics.


Jeremy Vine had viewers talking about Black Friday[/caption]


The debate spilled onto Twitter[/caption]

However, the real debate was between the viewers when a Tweet posted by the show’s account sparked a flurry of fan reaction online with people keen to share their own opinions rather than those of the programme’s guests.

With Black Friday being a hot topic on the show, the show’s official account tweeted: “Is Black Friday evil?,” prompting a raft of responses.

Viewers were quick to give their thoughts on whether the annual sales day was a good idea or if the bargains should be banished.

One fan raged in response: “Sick of the sight of it to be honest. Not to mention that it’s not just Friday. The event runs for the best part of a month.”

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A fellow viewer agreed, writing: “No harm as long as it is only Friday. However, it seems to go on for a month.”

One fan of the show described the shopping event as a ‘scam’, saying: “Still can’t believe that so many gullible people are around that actually buy into this scam!”

As a fourth argued that the ‘nonsense’ topic wasn’t even debatable, commenting: “This nonsense has nothing to do with Britain. Get on with some proper news stories for us to debate about.”

Despite this, some viewers were quick to denounce the show for its use of the word ‘evil’.

One said: “It’s retail ffs evil a bit strong.”

Another echoed: “Evil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays at 9:15am on Channel 5.



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