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Kate's uncle 'saw red' after reading Harry's version of Charlotte bridesmaid dress row


Gary Goldsmith, the younger sibling of the Princess of Wales’ mother Carole Middleton, said reading Princess Charlotte included in Prince Harry’s book made him “see red”. In his memoir, the Duke of Sussex provided his version of what happened behind closed doors between Kate and his then-fiancée Meghan in the run-up to the Sussexes’ nuptials.

In order to do so, Harry shared a few private messages between the Princess and the Duchess focused on issues concerning the dress Princess Charlotte was meant to wear as a flower girl at the wedding on May 19 2018.

One of Kate’s texts included in the book mentioned the girl, aged three at the time, had “cried when she tried [the gown] on at home”, as it was too baggy and long for her.

Mr Goldsmith wrote in the Daily Mail: “This made me see red. How dare Harry share such a confidence involving a young child?”

Kate’s uncle went on to criticise the Duke’s “temerity” to talk about leaving the Firm and the UK to protect his wife and son’s privacy while he “violated his niece’s confidentiality”.

Defending Kate, Mr Goldsmith added he doesn’t believe the version of the events presented by Harry, saying his niece would “never have caused a fuss” over a dress.


Nevertheless, he added he does believe Kate would offer flowers to Meghan “to appease her” following the incident.

He wrote: “Harry alleges Meghan was on the floor ‘sobbing’ when he arrived home and that Kate brought round a bouquet the next day as a peace offering.

“Such a classy gesture of conciliation would be typical of my niece. I’m quite prepared to believe she would have taken flowers to Meghan because she is kind and empathetic and would have wanted to appease her.”

In his article, Mr Goldsmith also branded Spare as a “petulant, self-serving memoir” likely to do more harm than good to his relationship with the rest of the Firm.

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Meghan, who was particularly stressed at the time not just due to the upcoming wedding but also because of the chaos concerning her father’s attendance and health, was found “on the floor, sobbing” by Harry after her text exchange with the Princess of Wales.

Harry was “horrified” by the sight, but specified he didn’t see the issue as “a catastrophe” but, rather, a temporary upset fuelled by the stress his bride-to-be was experiencing.

The Duke added: “It was intolerable but temporary. Kate hadn’t meant any harm, I told her.”

Speaking about the row between the two royal spouses, Harry also claimed Kate had “problems with the way Meg was planning her wedding. Something about a party for the page boys? It went back and forth.”




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