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King pushed for change to counsellor rules to avoid 'terribly embarrassing' family feud


King Charles opted to widen the pool of counsellors of state instead of removing Prince Andrew and Prince Harry because such a measure would have been “terribly embarrassing” and risked destroying “unity within the family”, a royal expert has claimed. Russell Myers, royal editor of the Daily Mirror, said that while the monarch “understands there is public feeling” towards both Andrew and Harry, neither of which are working royals, he believed the addition of Edward and Anne was a sufficient work-around solution. In his request to the House of Lords in mid-November, Charles claimed the extra Counsellors would “ensure continued efficiency of public business when I’m unavailable”. 

Mr Myers said: “The fact is they did not want to remove them completely because that would have been terribly embarrassing and Charles is all about unity within the family.

“I mean, he does understand that there is public feeling towards those two in particular.”

Asked if the majority of the ill-feeling was directed towards Prince Andrew, Mr Myers said: “Yeah but I think some people are aggrieved about how Harry had gone about treating his family. 

“I mean, there was not obviously a lot of support for the way he did leave the family and chose his own destiny, and I do not think people agree with the fact that if you leave, you should then be able to deputise for the monarch.” 

Counsellors of State are essentially stand-ins for the monarch and are made up of the sovereign’s spouse and the next four people in the line of succession, counting only those who are over the age of 21, according to the Regency Act. 

King Charle’s request means the House of Commons has had to introduce new legislation to the Counsellors of State Bill to allow for the extra help. 

Rather than removing Harry and Andrew, which it is believed would cause problems within the Royal Family, the widened pool of support, it has been suggested, would render it a rarity that the two non-working royals would ever be called upon. 

During the debate over the amendment to the Counsellors of State Bill in the House of Lords, it was also reported that the Royal Household had confirmed that in practice only working royals would be called upon to act as counsellors.

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