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Lidl selling £8 item that’s perfect for kids and can save on energy bills


EVERYONE is looking to save on energy bills at the minute so shoppers will be keen to bag Lidl’s new £8 item.

The German discounter is stocking a £7.99 Pepperts kids’ onesie in its middle aisles.


Lidl is selling a kids’ onesie for £7.99[/caption]

The supermarket chain started selling the item on January 12.

But if parents or carers want to grab one they will have to be quick as once they’ve sold out there won’t be any more in stock.

The onesie comes in two colours – pink, and white with mini hearts.

They are both suitable for children aged eight to 14 and come with fluffy hoods.

Anyone looking to cut back on their heating bills this winter might be keen on the onesie for their kids.

They are not just easy to put on but are good at keeping your young warms warm.

You’ll have to head to your nearest Lidl store if you want to grab the product though – the retailer doesn’t do delivery.

You can find your nearest Lidl store by typing “Lidl store finder” into Google and clicking through to the relevant page.

It will tell you what time your nearest store opens and closes too so you don’t make any wasted trips.

Of course, if you are thinking about buying the £7.99 onesie it’s worth seeing if you can get it cheaper anywhere else.

Usually, trolley.co.uk is the best website to compare food prices across a number of high street supermarkets.

Meanwhile, pricespy.co.uk can be useful if you are looking at comparing clothing items, and even tech and DIY stuff.

Or a simple Google search can help you see what is out there on the market.

Just type in the name of the product and then hit the “shopping” tab.

Peacocks is selling a girls onesie for ages 10-11 and 12-13 for just £5, down from £12.

One reviewer said the sizing comes up a bit small so you should factor that in if buying it.

Other than that you will be hard-pressed to find a deal cheaper than Lidl’s.

Marks and Spencer is selling a boys onesie for £9 while Matalan has one for £8.50.

In other news, Aldi has made a change to its website and it’s good news for customers.

Plus, shoppers have been rushing out to buy a bargain Ninja air fryer dupe from Costco.

Remember you’ll need a membership if you want to bag the gadget though.

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