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Love Island’s Daisy Muller unrecognisable eight years after being dumped from the villa


LOVE Island’s Daisy Muller is completely unrecognisable eight years after her reality TV stint.

The Birmingham-based model starred in Love Island‘s season one – which was won by Jess Hayes and Max Morley 

Love Island’s Daisy Muller starred in season one

Known for her aqua blue-blonde hair, she entered the show on day seven[/caption]

After entering the villa on day seven Daisy coupled up with Jordan Ring but on day 19 she was dumped.

During her time on the show Daisy was caught up in a love triangle with Jordan and Zoe Basia Brown.

During her time on the reality TV show the former glamour model couldn’t be missed courtesy of her blue hair.

She styled her aqua-blonde looks in a poker straight style while on the show, also sporting her hair in an up-do during chats to camera.

She favoured thick black eyeliner and a nude lip and, at the time, she told Digital Spy she was “happy to be sticking out in a crowd” courtesy of her look.

Now, the reality star looks completely different after carving out a new career.

She is now an influencer with more than 40k followers across two accounts, with one dedicated to vegan food.

On the account she posts vegan recipes and gym inspiration.

Yet she looks completely different too, switching her trademark turquoise locks for a sleek chocolate brown style.

Daisy’s love for sultry black eye make up has remained but she has swapped beachwear of the villa for plunging dresses.

During a recent trip to New York, she looked stylish in an animal-print puffa jacket.

Daisy also continues to post sizzling snaps and videos on her main account, and a recent snap showed her in a skimpy leopard print body suit with matching ears.

Despite her new career there is no love lost with the show that saw her find fame.

Talking of villa ex Jordan, she told Digital Spy: “He makes himself out to be such a lovely guy but he obviously didn’t have any respect for us.

“His going back and forth [between us] without any explanation – he wasn’t being honest.

“If he was such a nice guy he would have handled it in a better way.

“For a 31-year-old – he was the oldest guy there – he acted like a k**b and I think he could have dealt with that better but he didn’t. I think he was a p***k for what he did.”

Not known, clear with picture desk

Daisy now looks completely different with sleek brunette locks[/caption]


Daisy has started a new career as an influencer with a dedicated Instagram page for her vegan lifestyle[/caption]

Not known, clear with picture desk

The Birmingham-born model fills her Instagram page with a host of sexy snaps[/caption]




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