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Meghan recalls 'product of divorce' poem she wrote in her childhood in Netflix series


Meghan recalls her childhood and resights a poem she wrote as a young girl whilst studying during the second episode of the explosive new Netflix docu-series. The 41-year-old recounts the poem word-for-word, in which she states that “life would be easy if there were two of me”. 

In the episode, Meghan said: “There’s so much from anyone’s childhood that you bring with you into the present.

“Especially when you are the product of divorce”.

She added: “Even though my parents co-parented well, if you think about how that informs what you grew up to be and what you want.

“It’s so funny when I was 12, I was at Immaculate Heart.

“One of the assignments was to write a poem about your life.”

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Claiming that she “remembers this poem to this day’, Meghan recounts the poem: “Two houses, two homes. Two kitchens, two phones.

“Two couches were I lay, two places that I stay.

“Moving, moving, here and there. From Monday to Friday, I’m everywhere.”

She continued: “Don’t get me wrong, It’s not that bad. But often times it makes me sad.

“I want to live that nuclear life with a happy dad and his loving wife.

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The final three epsiodes of the series are due to be released on December 15.

The show is released as part of the multi-million dollar deal that the couple signed with Netflix in 2020.

Until the release of the docu-series, no other content has been released, through the deal, by the couple.





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