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My neighbour hoovers five times a day to taunt us – I’m taking extreme measures to stop her


A RESIDENT is fuming over their neighbour who hoovers five times a day.

The angry homeowner said it wakes their kids up and is going to begin mediation with the council in a bid to stop it.


A resident is fuming over their neighbour who hoovers five times a day. Stock image.[/caption]

They wrote on Reddit: “I have just moved into a new place 6 months ago they are relatively old buildings and there’s one woman above me.

“She has hard floors all through her flat and she literally hoovers 5 times a day.

“The noise it makes for us is absolutely awful. It wakes my kids up for their naps and bedtimes.

“I have tried asking her and she doesn’t listen or care and says she has OCD.



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“I don’t understand why she can’t use a broom when she has hard floor

“She’s a real nightmare of a person if she’s not hoovering she’s banging and making as much noise as she can.

“Very rarely goes out and just seems she wants to taunt us. Literally she’s banging up there now as I’m writing this and I’ve just got my son down for a nap.

“I’ve got the white noise blaring trying to drown it out but you can still hear it.

“Anyway things have got so bad between us we are starting mediation soon with the council.

“They are also going to install a noise device to track it. I Just wondering if I’m overreacting? It’s literally stressing me out so much.”

One person responded: “Noise travels unfortunately in apartments so I can understand your frustration, particularly after you’ve brought the issue up with her and still she persists.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but the vast majority of people don’t care and don’t change, just the way it is.

“You’re right to go to the council with a complaint, it’s the only course of action with these people, otherwise nothing would ‘change’.”

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Another added: “I’m so sorry you are having to deal with the neighbor. OCD is not only a nightmare for the person that is dealing with it but for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.”

A third wrote: “You’re not overreacting. Best of luck on your meditation. That’s an awesome step on the right direction!”




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