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My partner defends female colleague to the bitter end but never stands up for me


DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner would fight to the bitter end to stand up for a female colleague.

He is absolutely obsessed with her.

He’s a manager in a call centre and he’s 41 and I’m 39.

The woman he seems so infatuated with at work is aged 22.

She is often rude to clients but he will just laugh.

He told me that she had been really derogatory towards a colleague who needs crutches to help him walk.

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When I told him that she should be sacked, he said: “No, it’s OK. She was just having a laugh.”

I do not think it’s funny whatsoever and it really hurts me that he defends her but would never stand up for me.

How can I make him see sense?

DEIDRE SAYS: Allowing these sorts of comments to fly around the workplace is extremely inappropriate and you are certainly right in calling him out on his behaviour.

In a quiet moment, talk to him again about your feelings because you can see that he seems to forgive her for anything.

Help him understand that he could find himself in real trouble if he doesn’t stop the tasteless banter.

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