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People are only just realising the proper way to close a cereal box and their minds are blown

PEOPLE are only just realising the proper way to close a cereal box and their minds are blown.

The hack not only keeps your kitchen cupboards looking tidier, it’s bound to keep your breakfast fresher, too.


People are only just finding out this nifty way to close a cereal box[/caption]


And their minds are blown by the clever hack[/caption]

A video of the nifty tip was shared to Tiktok, showing a step-by-step guide on how to fold the top of your open cereal box.

First you fold the smaller tabs, and the back tab, into the box.

You then pinch the corners so the smaller ends fold in, and slip the front tab inside.

The cereal box is then held shut, in a tidy-looking triangle shape.

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The clip, which was share by an account called Good to Know, has garnered more than 20,000 views and nearly 2000 likes.

And the comment section was naturally filled with disbelief.

One person wrote: “Got my cereal straight out the cupboard and did this.

“My mind is blown.”

Another said: “This was amazing.”

But, others had cottoned on to the hack in the past.

Someone wrote: “So good I’ve been doing this for years.”

Another said: “No one knew this? I always do it.”

It’s becoming more common for people to find tips and tricks on Tiktok.

In recent days people discovered how to use an ice cube tray properly – and how to sharpen their scissors with tin foil.

Others also found out what the symbol on hot water bottles mean – and it’s actually a safety feature.

Another person also recently shared how you can still wrap Christmas presents with only a titchy piece of paper.


The video of the hack was shared to Tiktok[/caption]


And it gives a step by step guide[/caption]



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