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People never believe I’m 30 because of my skin and hair – it’s appalling, they say my locks alone age me 20 years

DO you look your age?

The saying goes you should never ask a woman her age. 


Cass was shocked to learn viewers didn’t believe she was 30[/caption]


Cass said she dyed her hair grey-blonde[/caption]

But should you always believe her once she tells you?

The ‘I look younger than I am’ trend has really taken off on social media with massive debates on how old people look and some people creating false numbers entirely. 

One woman is getting trolled for looking older than she says she is.

Sassycassforever is an influencer on Tiktok, she has over 11,000 followers and shares fashion videos. 

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Viewers love her content but were a little surprised when they learned her real age.

In a recent video Cass said: “The amount of people that don’t believe I am 30 is like appalling almost”

She said: “First of all I dyed my hair grey-blond, second of all it’s acne scarring come on, I didn’t wear foundation today for this exact reason so I could show you it’s just acne scars.“

She continued: “I get zits there’s a pimple there and there I have pimple scars. Sue me” 

Cass’s video gained over 700,000 views.

Many viewers agreed the creator looked older than she claimed. 

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One viewer said: “Why is ageing an insult? You look great anyway don’t worry, I’m 34 & I don’t aim to look 20 something bc [becuase] I’m not”.

Another said: “Honestly I think it’s the wrinkles. Nothing wrong with them you actually look good tho[ugh].”

Other commenters were defending the creator saying she was beautiful regardless of her age.

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Cass says she has acne scarring[/caption]

One commenter said: “You’re beautiful. So many of the mean comments are faceless profiles with 2 followers IGNORE THEM”

Another said: “Such a rare natural beauty hate the overfilled Botox look that everyone has nowadays xx”



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