Plastic surgeon weighs in on which celebrities have gotten a nose job: from Khloe Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston

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Plastic surgeon weighs in on which celebrities have gotten a nose job: from Khloe Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston

WORKING in Hollywood means keeping up with the impossible beauty standards that have been in place for decades. Whether it’s a size zero body, d

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WORKING in Hollywood means keeping up with the impossible beauty standards that have been in place for decades.

Whether it’s a size zero body, defined cheekbones, pouty lips, or a thin nose—stars often turn to plastic surgery to achieve the look they want.


Stars like Kendall Jenner have been on the receiving end of plastic surgery rumors[/caption]

An aesthetic doctor and rhinoplasty surgeon based out of the UK, Dr. Alex Karidis, offered his expert opinion on whether certain celebs have gone under the nose job knife.



Back in her Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants days, some believe Blake Lively had a different nose[/caption]


Dr. Karidis believes she may have had some tweaks[/caption]

Blake Lively first rose to fame when she appeared in Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants in 2005. Two years later she became a household name thanks to her starring role in Gossip Girl.

And although she has denied getting a nose job, Dr. Karidis thinks she may have had some work done. He said:

“It’s possible she may have had a rhinoplasty during her days in Gossip Girl. it was broader and wider in her photographs before and now her front profile indicates she’s had it tweaked.

“Models and actresses tend to notice even the smallest imperfections so prefer to have surgery that is subtle and discreet.”



The rumor mill is full of Kardashian-related speculation[/caption]


Dr. Karidis said Khloe Kardashian’s rhinoplasty involved minor changes[/caption]

Fans have always speculated that Khloe Kardashian (along with her sisters) has had work done to her face and body.

In June of 2021, on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians Reunion with Andy Cohen, Khloe admitted that she has had one nose job and some injections—but vehemently denied any other surgeries to her face.

Dr. Karidis spoke about her rhinoplasty:

“Again, Khloe’s post-rhinoplasty result wasn’t a major change from her original look. You will see in her before photographs that her nose on front profile is wider and now it is much slimmer.

“She would have made these corrections to her nose to make it harmonize more with her other features. She’s addressed the width of her nose and defined the tip.”



Fans began speculating about Meghan Markle’s nose when they saw photos of her younger self like this one[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Dr. Karidis isn’t convinced that she has had a nose job, though[/caption]

Meghan Markle is known for her acting, her status as a royal, and her natural beauty.

After looking back at her high school photos compared with her photos today, however, some people believe her perky nose is the result of a little surgery.

Her nose gets googled 4,000 times worldwide per month.

Dr. Karidis, however, is not so sure that’s she had any work done:

“In Meghan’s earlier pictures there isn’t a huge difference. Sometimes the face grows around the nose and the nose shape doesn’t change at all.

“I’m not entirely convinced she’s had rhinoplasty. Her facial characteristics change with weight, you will notice this during her pregnancies, which may be the case in this instance.”



Friends star Jennifer Aniston has admitted to having two nose jobs[/caption]


Dr. Karidis pointed out that her nose is now thinner and missing the bump it once had[/caption]

Next on our list is the beloved Jennifer Aniston. After rising to widespread fame in the ‘90s thanks to Friends, she has continued to garner attention from everyone.

And… so has her nose. In 2018 she admitted to having two nose jobs, which is likely why her nose gets googled so much.

Dr. Karidis commented on her rhinoplasty:

“Again, she had a bump on the profile, front and side, and the mid proportion of the nose was wider before. Her result now is natural and suits the symmetry of her face.”



Before becoming the songstress we know today, Ariana Grande was a Nickelodeon actress on Victorious[/caption]


Although her nose may look different in pictures, Dr. Karidis isn’t quite sure she’s had a nose job[/caption]

Ariana Grande’s petite frame and small features are part of what makes her, her—along with being one of the most successful, best-selling artists of all time.

Although many have speculated that she’s had a nose job, she denied those rumors in 2019 in a tweet that read: “Hayyy this my birth nose what tf did i log onto today lemme have a cute nose damn.”

Dr. Karidis said it’s difficult to make a definite call:

“Some of these photographs have been airbrushed so it’s hard to gauge whether she has had rhinoplasty. You have to take into account her age when she became famous and the growth in between.

“Ariana never had a large nose but she did have a slightly rounded tip and bump on the bridge. It looks as though this could have been reduced slightly to give her a more polished and dainty appearance”. 



Some Peaky Blinders fans believe star Annabelle Wallis has had work done to her nose[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Dr. Karidis does think there are some obvious changes[/caption]

Best known for her roles in British TV shows like The Tudors and Peaky Blinders, Annabelle Wallis too has been the target of rhinoplasty rumors.

Her nose gets googled 2,000 times a month worldwide.

Dr. Karidis called out the differences in her before and after photos:

“She did have a bump on the bridge, extending high up into the eyebrows. It doesn’t look like her nose is starting as high up on her face as it did before.

“It looks as though the height of the nose, the ‘take off’, has been reduced.”



Supermodel Kendall Jenner has been called out for her changing appearance since rising to fame[/caption]


Fans and experts like Dr. Karidis believe she has made some tweaks to her nose[/caption]

Another Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and family member has made it to our list. Kendall Jenner, like her sister Khloe, has been hit with nose job rumors multiple times.

Hers gets googled a whopping 3,000 times a month across the globe.

She addressed the rumors in 2017, denying any surgeries: “It’s all so exhausting. As a model, why would I have my face reconstructed? It doesn’t even make sense,” she said. 

Dr. Karidis, however, believes she’s made some adjustments:

“It does look as though Kendall had a broader nose before, the bridge looks slimmer now than it used to be.

“This would indicate that she’s had a small tweakment as this part of her nose is identifiable.”



Hit-maker Cardi B has also been the subject of nose job rumors[/caption]


Dr. Karidis believes the changes to her nose are the result of surgery[/caption]

And to finish off our list, we have the loveable, fan-favorite songwriter and rapper, Cardi B.

Her nose is the subject of much speculation—it garners an average of 9,000 google searches per month.

While the Grammy winner has admitted to having some surgeries done, she’s never specifically addressed the nose job rumors.

Dr. Karidis had some thoughts:

“The tip looks less wide than it used to be, especially in recent photos which could suggest rhino tip plasty or tip reduction.

“I’d say that she has had surgery done to reduce this.”

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