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Police should haul doomsday cult Just Stop Oil idiots away in handcuffs, not join them


HOW will police prevent the doomsday cult Just Stop Oil blocking traffic again and again with their brainless new protests?

They should haul all the idiots away in handcuffs. Instead cops revealed a troubling new strategy yesterday:

The police should cuff everyone in the Just Stop Oil doomsday cult instead of joining them

They joined them, marching alongside as London’s drivers queued behind.

A question, then, for the Met: Can any nutter with a beef now block main roads with a police escort? Or only woke causes meeting cops’ approval?

The crusties claim to be “ensuring a future for humanity” and stopping “mass starvation and slaughter”.

Those are weird, warped fantasies . . . pitiably deranged and utterly unscientific.

How long will our police indulge these imbeciles and their war on working people?

Wicked regime

THE greatest trick China ever pulled was to convince our senior politicians that it is not a monstrous, warmongering tyranny.

That it is instead a valued trading partner with a few niggling flaws best handled merely with “robust pragmatism”, in Rishi Sunak’s words.

The greatest trick China ever pulled was to convince our senior politicians that it was a valued trading partner with flaws, not a monstrous tyranny

In fact it is a wicked regime which has enslaved a million Muslims, hacks and steals across the world and destroyed freedom in Hong Kong.

It is Russia’s friend and ally, a totalitarian dictatorship threatening to conquer Taiwan.

It is Earth’s biggest polluter. It unleashed the pandemic, now imprisons its people to pursue “zero Covid” and beat a BBC reporter covering protests.

For too long the Tories were over-friendly with Beijing (just as they were with Moscow until it was too late).

Mr Sunak understood that not long ago. In No10 he risks repeating the mistake.

Soft-touch UK

ALBANIA is poor but safe. Almost no Albanian migrants who land illegally on our shores have a legitimate asylum claim.

Yet we approve 55 per cent of cases we resolve. Many nations approve none.

The UK’s soft touch is stopping Albanian small-boat migrants from being sent home immediately

Part of our problem is the flawed Modern Slavery Act, which lets Albanian chancers delay or dodge deportation. But our officials are plainly too lenient.

Tory MPs rightly say Albanian small-boat migrants should be sent home immediately. Refugee charities of course bleat about that breaching UN rules.

How, then, do Germany, Holland, Sweden and others get away with their Albanian asylum approval rate? It’s zero.

Come on, lads

FORGIVE us for being a bit torn over tomorrow night’s epic World Cup showdown.

We have English readers and Welsh readers. If only Southgate’s stars and Bale’s battlers could both win.

It’s a shame that England and Wales can’t both win the epic World Cup showdown

But if we must come off the fence . . .

The Sun’s rooting for you, Gareth’s boys!




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