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Prince Harry labelled a 'fool' as he reveals palace layouts in 'dangerous' detail


Prince Harry has been accused of compromising the security of the Royal Family by describing the layout of various royal residences in his new tell-all memoir. Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, has described the Duke of Sussex as a “fool” for revealing such information in his book, Spare. He has deemed the details as “dangerous” if they were to land in the wrong hands, in a report by the Telegraph.

Prince Harry wrote how he carried an electronic tracker and a panic alarm at all times.The 38-year-old detailed the location of Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom at Balmoral and the precise location of how to get to the King’s private sitting room at Clarence House from the entrance of the home.

He also added the exact amount of stairs. Mr Davies, who worked in police and security for more than 50 years, said: “These revelations give me great concern and will likely give great concern to Prince Harry’s current team”.

Mr Davies claims that it makes the job of protecting him “problematic”. He added that “only a fool” would expose this sort of information, especially since “there have always been people who hae tried to access parts of royal palaces”.

He added that this sort of information could be useful to “fixated individuals” with “mental health problems” or “terrorists”. He added: “There’s a reason Buckingham Palace never discusses any detail about its security operations, big or small.

“It would never expect anyone with such an intimate knowledge of private royal residences to disclose such information.”

In his book, Harry also recounted the first time that his father and stepmother Charles, Queen Consort, met the Duchess of Sussex.

He detailed how they were led “down the long corridor” by a butler and a house manager.

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He wrote: “[We walked] past the big paintings and gilt-edged mirrors, along the crimson carpet with the crimson runner…”.

He continued that they went “up the creaky staircase, which rose three steps before jogging right, up another twelve steps, then jogged right again.

“Then, at last, on the landing above us, stood Pa.” Harry’s book was released on January 10, 18 months after its initial reveal.

It’s January release meant it just missed out on the lucrative Christmas market. However, its sale was not affected. Less than 24 hours after its release, it was named the UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time.


While Prince Harry’s book has been loaded with tales from his younger years, his relationships with his family, and accusations – the palace has remained silent as the book’s pages have been scrutinised.




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